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  • mrae
    Yes- with a place for waterbottles. Sorry to be a broken record but those of us who are short need something like this. There are other brand options for buying a small backpack but, I know from experience, it would be a waste of money and I'd be back using my Imago/Lux and waiting for a TB pack.

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  • DCgal
    started a topic Mini-Smart Alec

    Mini-Smart Alec

    A similar request as the Mini-Brain Bag. I second the motion for smaller versions of the backpacks for the female audience. I prefer the slick look of the Smart Alec, but would prefer a smaller footprint.

    Why not build a Small/Mini Smart Alec scaled down to a small daypack size that would fit only small laptops (iBook 12"/MacBook 13"/small Sony Viao's/etc.).