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Carry-on with suit and laptop

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    Carry-on with suit and laptop

    Hi all,

    Darcy suggested that I ask the group for suggestions for a bag that I just can't seem to find anywhere. I am looking for a carry-on-capable bag (rolling or not rolling) that is meant to hold a suit and a laptop. It is very easy to find a carry-on bag meant for a laptop (I use a Tom Bihn ID bag) or a carry-on bag with a "suiter" (I use a typical rolling case). But for some reason I have found only one bag in the world that contains a suiter and a proper space for a laptop. I won't link to it here because it's a competitor--and it's almost $500 which is ridiculous anyway.

    Right now, what I do is take the suiter sleeve from my rolling bag and wedge it into my ID bag behind the closing flap. This is a little clumsy, but the only other solution would be to take my Brain Cell and just chuck it into my rolling bag, which I'd rather not do.

    The Empire Builder is a little too narrow to contain a typical suiter sleeve; otherwise I'd get one immediately.

    So, what do you all suggest?

    If the Empire Builder is a little too narrow, I'd say go with the Super Ego. But that's just me.


      The Redoxx Airboss is a great choice. I've written a bit about it here: http://www.lornitropia.net/archives/...-oxx-air-boss/

      When paired with a Brain Cell, it's a great combination.


        I would go for the Aeronaute, you can put your suiter sleeve inside it and the other things you put in your rolled luggage .

        You can carry it backpack style while carrying the ID

        breifcase style or on your shoulder


          I've done this many times with the Aeronaute- rolling the suit up. No problem! Super Ego should work too.


            Originally posted by Zephyrnoid View Post
            I've done this many times with the Aeronaute- rolling the suit up. No problem! Super Ego should work too.
            Zeph -- Have you ever taken close-up pictures of your rolled-up suits and how you pack them? ))
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