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A Note of Gratitude

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    A Note of Gratitude


    This probably doesn't matter to anyone here, but I noticed that Tom posts and sometimes read these. Anyways, I just wanted to say Thanks to Alex Lange. In the past, I've always been encouraged to get positive feedback from my customers/business owners for praises, and this seems to be the only way I know to give him any.

    I had put in a rather large order of a Brain Bag, Brain Cell, Fredian Slip, Snake Charmer, a keyboard cover and also Strapeez. Unfortunately, I had accidentally mispelled my street address and was worried that the delivery person was going to simple drop the box off somewhere on the wrong street. Alex was kind enough to respond quickly and also contact UPS directly for the shipment and have them correct it. I received all the items and am very happy with the purchase. Especially on something I haven't seen or held in person. Big thanks to Alex!

    I'll try to post some pictures and a review as I have more time with the items.

    - John
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