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Updated Aeronaut 45 used as one compartment

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    Updated Aeronaut 45 used as one compartment

    In Darcy's thread introducing the updated Aeronaut 45 she says:

    One, Two, or Three Compartments: You Choose
    The snaps in the main compartment have been replaced with zippered dividers, allowing you to transform the Aeronaut 45 into a one, two, or three compartment bag based on your needs/what you need to pack.

    My question is, when used as one compartment, what is the length from end to end? Is it somewhere around 21.5 inches?
    I have my own mask, snorkel, and fins and want to carry on only. The fins are around 20 inches long give or take. I would like to get the A45 but want to make sure the fins would fit in the bag.
    Thanks for your help.

    In case you're still looking for information about this, here is an attempt at an answer, with the caveat that I don't really know anything about snorkeling equipment (and, also, I haven't yet travelled anywhere with my Aeronaut 45...)

    If you haven't already seen this thread about aeronauts and scuba gear you might want to read it in case it applies to your needs--the consensus in that thread was that Tom Bihn bags wouldn't be particularly good for scuba gear.

    In case that doesn't matter for your situation, I'll try to describe the interior size. My Aeronaut has snaps rather than zippers, but, judging from the end of Hannah's post here, I believe it should have the same measurements. This post lists interior dimensions for an aeronaut with snaps, and the 20-21 inch length with both ends unsnapped is pretty much the measurement I came up with when I tried to measure mine. As that post suggests, a soft-sided bag can't really be measured accurately--I can fit a 22"-long rolled up newspaper section (without turning it diagonally) at the mid-point of the depth and width, although it makes the bag a little less deep and wide when I do so.

    It might be worth noting that the opening flap is only about 13 inches long (in the direction of the ~20" dimension) and 12 across, although the bag's flexibility still allowed me to put a monopoly board game box (20" x 10" x 1.25") into the bag just now (with the bag otherwise empty), although it required a bit of manipulation. Since the bag is flexible I was able to push the side out at least another inch with the game box inside, but I'm not sure if I could have gotten it in if it had been 21" instead of 20". I bent and re-straightened the rolled-up newspaper when I put that in. I imagine the fins are more flexible and less rectangular than the game box, so they may still work even if they're a little longer.

    Hope this helps! Someone with more experience may have a better answer...
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      Thank you, Linden. That's the information I was looking for.