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I have a slight problem....

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    I have a slight problem....

    I can not stop ordering! I came across TB while looking for a carry on to take with me to Europe in June. I browsed the forums for a few weeks and then decided on the A45 (Steel/UV), which is on backorder, but I had to have the rest of my order so I had it shipped ahead of the A45. The TT and OC amazed me so much I logged back in and ordered the MCB (Olive/Steeel) and a few pouches. I fell hard when I opened the box with my MCB and all those sweet pouches. I want to order more pouches in "various colors" just to see what surprise will be shipped to me. I find myself checking in just to see if what everyone is saying, if anyone has posted new pictures, and of course check the status of backorders.
    When I log into my computer tonight and see the A45 in the Navy/lberian I decide I think I like this more than the Steel/UV. So I order it along with another pouch and OC. My husband thinks this is hilarious, by the way, and thinks it might be cheaper to fly me to Seattle than keep paying all the shipping costs.
    I will call TB tomorrow and have them cancel my order for the A45 Steel/UV seeing as I do not need 2 of the same bags! I could buy a lot of pouches in "various colors" with that money. Plus I do have my eye on the S19 and the LS....but I will sit back now and feed this new addiction a little later.

    I understand the craving (or addiction) that you have and continue to have there. I believe many of us here feel the same too.

    But I could tell my addiction is wearing off, comparing to the earliest day. Though, the temptation is still lingering inside me everyday and I still wish one day to own every Tom Bihn Bag/Accessories whenever I found them useful. One day! ;p

    Anyway, I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying all those goodies you have there. Welcome to Tom Bihn world, by the way.

    Have a great weekend!
    Solar/Yellow: A45 Navy, CP Black, SA Black, SCB
    Steel/Grey: UMP Steel 400d, PU Coyote, DLBC, PCSB, TC
    Olive/Green: A30NWS, SCBCanyon, SKIsland
    Mars Red/Red: SENordic, SKCanyon, DLBCCanyon, SCBDawn

    BrainCell Size1 M4800, Cache 13"MBPR E7240

    ~Live Long & Prosper by Vulcan


      Welcome, @movnon!

      You're going to love your A45, no matter which color you end up with. It's an amazing bag! And accessorizing with sacks and pouches and cubes and straps gives you great opportunities to customize and fine-tune your setup.

      I second what @weirdguy said: once you acquire the bags that you'll use most for your EDC and travel needs, orders are made less frequently. A lot of us on the forum have been around long enough to see products and fabrics come and go, so we've learned when it is right to pounce and when we are comfortable waiting.

      You'll develop that feeling, too. But wow, it sure is fun to see excited new converts exploring the product line for the first time. I hope you post more about what you buy, what you like, which colors make you happy, and what things you return. With lots of pictures! We love pictures. :-)

      Take care!
      Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


        I took the opposite path, all my orders were needs, until Nordic and Steel Travel Dyneema.

        It started an ordering frenzy, which is understandable since the blue and grey with white lines are found in sharks, whales and dolphins.

        Cocoa, Linen and Coyote aficionados are be able to use the namesake of the last color or bears for feeding frenzy references.

        People who love pinks and purple can reference sea stars and anemones. Before you loose your favorite beverage of your keyboard, a time lapse video revealed that, it is, indeed, a jungle out there, 2000 leagues under the sea.

        Green lovers can consolate themselves by remembering that female praying mantises eat anything that moves, including their mating partners. Males who live to learn, choose a female that is already feeding.
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          movnon, I'm sorry, it's been a long day, but exactly what is the problem? It sounds to me like you've got it all under control.
          List exceeds allowed characters. So I'll just say I'm plum and kiwi loving FOT!


            Weirdguy and Janine I am sure you're right. I will just try to enjoy this moment. Moose thank you for reminding me!


              I can stop anytime.

              I just find it better if I don't.