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Waist strap and Q-AM strap questions

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    Waist strap and Q-AM strap questions

    I just received my Ego bag and it's just what I hoped for, however, I have a few questions.

    The waist strap: I can't figure out how this would fit anybody except very petite people. My deskmate, who is a size 8 woman, can barely cinch it; I'm larger than her, so I can't get the clasps anywhere near each other. (I carry most of my weight below the waist, so my torso isn't any bigger than say, a well-muscled guy would be). Am I supposed to remove one end of the strap out of the clasp attached to the bag in order to have enough length to fit my waist?

    The Q-AM strap: Ok, I've figured out that this is supposed to attach to the 'male' end of the waist strap. But as I've already mentioned, the waist straps seem really short!

    I want to be able to wear the bag so the 'anchor' strap does this:

    But the only way I can manage to get the Messenger Attachment attached to the waist strap, it ends up looking like this -

    except the waist strap is much tighter in my armpit and it makes the Q-AM shoulder strap bunch up at an angle, which is both uncomfortable and unsightly. And with me being a woman, my armpit is not exactly where I want a strap to go. So I'm assuming I'm missing something in regards to the waist strap...

    * * *

    Do you sell belt extenders? Would be very helpful to increase the size of getting the waist strap and/or messenger attachment to fit over heavy winter coats.

    Also, do you sell the mini-straps separately? These useful things:

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    Are you sure you've taken the correct end of the waist strap when removing half of it for the Q-Am set up? I know when mine arrive it was set up the wrong way round for me (I like the strap over my right shoulder with the bag on my right hip), so I had to shuffle straps around to get it how I like it. Long and the short if it is I'm 6'6 240 lb and I have no probs with strap length!!!



      I've gotten used to wearing my bag over my right shoulder, resting on my left hip, and like you, my waist straps were the "wrong way" for that kind of setup. But both ends of the waist strap were buckled in and I didn't think at first to remove an end.

      I still wouldn't mind an extension strip for wearing the bag in winter, though.
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      "Life's a journey - get lost along the way."