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2015 Wish List

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    2015 Wish List

    I did not see one, but if it exists, may I ask the moderators to please move this post.

    My wish for 2015: updated PCSB with inside pockets like the SE. Would be nice if the pockets are on the "back" wall (front being the zip pocket/TB tag is).

    SE is great, but some days, it is just too small; DLBC is too big.

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    Pretty pretty please can we get key straps with the snaphook on one side and an O-ring on the other? Please?
    Does it come in purple?


      Dyneema LCB


        Another run of all-cordura cafe bags. I think some great color combos would be: olive/coyote, olive/burnt orange.

        New 400d or 200d Dyneema options.

        Looking forward to the PU and the larger Q-Kit (R-Kit, to be alphabetical?).


          Following on the success of the Field Journal Notebook (FJN), I'd like to see the Bihn crew offer an additional super-sized Field Notebook Extra (FNE): a zip shut notebook version of the FJN that is sized to accept standard loose-leaf filler paper.

          I would like to see both the FJN and the FNE built to accommodate iPad Minis in a padded, sheltered pocket.

          I would also like to see the new Daylight Briefcase revised slightly, to add little loops or micro-pockets so it can carry pens/pencils, an eraser, a straight-edge (like the kind Bihn includes with the FJN), a calculator/smartphone and a small business card holder. If Bihn cannot add these small touches to the DLBC, then make some kind of smaller Horizontal Freudian Slip to fit the DLBC, or make an FNE to fit in the DLBC.

          I would also like to appeal to Tom Bihn to seek out other USA-sourced materials for the construction of Bihn products. Many of these wonderful bags, pouches and accessories are made from petroleum-derived fabrics. We need to find ways to stop using fossil fuels, and look forward to a day when we no longer use petroleum for anything.
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            Echo the idea of a Freudian Slip sized for the Daylight Briefcase, as talked about in a different thread as well. It would be a good way to give even the Dyneema version more structure, for people who'd prefer that. (I admire the look of the Dyneema bags, when they're nicely full, but prefer the other fabrics otherwise.)


              As mentioned in the 2014 thread, I'd like to see cordura Side Effects in pretty colourways for spring/summer: linen, French blue, cocoa, etc.

              And/or, as Walker said, a PCSB/SE hybrid - something big enough to hold a tablet/ereader without being a full-blown messenger bag.
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              Favourite TB colours: aubergine, forest (sniff!), linen, wasabi, UV
              Hoping for: A new dyneema colour for YSSs; a Linen Side Effect; the return of Portable Culture!


                -Urethane-free DOPs
                -A red fabric, be it pp or ballistic
                -Plum/Steel S19
                -Everything in my current sig!
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                  Some sort of hydration pouch that works with the gate keeper clips in the main compartment of the Synapse backpacks.

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                    Azalea. Azalea. Azalea.


                      Three things that would make very, very happy (and quite poorer) in 2015:

                      - More orange. I love burnt orange and would love to see that color in ballistic nylon (I'm holding out for an A30!), but 200d orange dyneema would make me very, very happy. Think of it: ORANGE STUFFSACKS!

                      - A grey/steel colorway expanded beyond the BB.

                      - A larger Side Effect, mainly only depth-wise. I wouldn't want it to be any larger than what would fit in the bottom pocket of the Synapses. I carry my SE as my running around purse, but find it's depth too shallow when I put in my hardshell eyeglass case. I can still fit everything I need in the SE, but many times when I pull things out, I have to take a 20 or so seconds to put everything back just so. This isn't irritating when I have the time to do it, but when I'm in a hurry and need to pull something in and out quickly, I always semi-curse myself for even using the SE because it's not as functional as it could be. An extra inch in depth would solve my problem nicely.
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                        Originally posted by Dandelion View Post
                        Azalea. Azalea. Azalea.


                          Side effect with zippered compartments on both sides (or one on the outside, as it is now, and one on the inside, opposite the two inner pockets). I wouldn't mind if this made it slightly wider.


                            I would also love to see tote bag-sized shop bags (if that makes any sense). I teach and organize my classes by having a different tote bag for each. The heavy textbooks combined with regular tote bag handles result in pain for my hands. Tote bags with the shoo bag handles would solve that problem. Plus the Dyneema colors are so cheerful!


                              Might we have a wider strap option available for the SE (a.k.a. thinner strap for the PCSB)? It could just be a new part available on the parts page Something like the Breve strap, at 1" wide. I don't use the PCSB as a non-packing cube bag, but the Simple Strap has always struck me as pretty chunky. And I've found that the 5/8" strap twists quite easily when the SE is loaded with stuff, which is a problem that might be solved if the strap was slightly wider.