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How much Tom Bihn stuff do you carry each day?

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    The Copilot has been my bag of choice lately. It's so squishy and light and friendly. It's my first bag with the new zippers, aside from Side Effects (navy and black) and I love the noise the zipper pulls make.

    I carry a small shop bag in it, to make up for the fact that it's not a backpack. I'll take a picture tomorrow of my Synapse 25, which is my most used backpack.

    The Q kits carry a Swiss Army Knife in one, and earbuds and a microfiber cloth in the other. They're navy and forest. I have a kiwi one, not pictured.

    The wallet is forest, tethered to a 16" o-ring/snap hook key strap. I will miss forest a lot. It's my spirit green.

    The Nordic Aeronaut PCBP is just pictured to make people jealous. I just got it in a swap and love it already. I took it to class yesterday.

    Click image for larger version

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      Finally, my photos! Sorry it took so long -- our semester starts on Tuesday which means this is total crazy time.....

      Originally posted by brendabethman View Post
      Bag #1: SCB as PLO (today's color is beloved Azalea)
      1 small clear OP
      1 small DOP
      1 mini clear OP
      1 micro fabric OP
      1 COW
      2 Q-kits
      3 key straps (1 16" and 2 8")
      Click image for larger version

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      Also pictured are the following non-TB items: small Moleskine, pens, umbrella, name tag, card holders, glasses case, and tissues.

      Originally posted by brendabethman View Post
      Bag #2: Synapse 19
      1 cache for 11" MB Air
      3 TSS (2 size 1 and 1 size 3)
      1 fabric 3DOC
      1 mesh 3DOC
      1 key strap (8")
      1 medium fabric OP
      1 SSB
      1 YSS (tall)
      Click image for larger version

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      Also pictured are the following non-TB items: Moleskine notebook, pens, file folder, umbrella, and mints. I also forgot to include the pocket pouch with business cards in the list above.

      Originally posted by brendabethman View Post
      Bag #3: PU as gym bag
      3 TSS (sizes 2, 3 & 4)
      1 mesh 3DOC
      1 Q-kit
      1 key strap (8")
      Not going to the gym today (thanks to the crazy time mentioned above), but here's a link to a previous thread with photos.


        brendabethman, I noticed that you have TSS in size 2 and above, I was wondering, if the TSS size 2 will fit in the S19 side pockets? Thanks!


          A quick count puts the total at 5.

          ~ Co-Pilot which contains the following...
          ~ Dyneema travel stuff sack, size 2, great for holding the pullover I wear all the time in winter
          ~ Dyneema small organizer pouch
          ~ Key strap
          ~ Q-kit


            Originally posted by Chill View Post
            brendabethman, I noticed that you have TSS in size 2 and above, I was wondering, if the TSS size 2 will fit in the S19 side pockets? Thanks!
            I actually use size 1 TSS's in those pockets. But I just tried a size 2 (with my microfiber gym towel in it) and it fit. It was tight, but it fit.

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              Originally posted by brendabethman View Post
              I actually use size 1 TSS's in those pockets.
              This is my new favorite thread - it's great to see all the packing ideas. I am really curious about the S19 as a hands-free way of carrying the stuff that normally goes in my Pilot. I generally avoid backpacks except for my A30, but I think it would help me in my travel and possibly also my daily work carry.

              Your ID cards are really small to fit in those pouches! I'm impressed!


                Smart Alec, containing:
                • Upper Modular Pocket - Pens, sunglass case, flashlight, etc.
                • Brain Cell
                • Snake Charmer, on a long key strap containing
                  • 2 Small Mesh Ballistic Organizer pouches - dongles, cables, and external battery for iPhone/iPad
                  • Mini Padded Organizer Pouch - Magic Mouse
                • 3D Mesh Organizer Cube, on a long key strap - Contact lens stuff
                • Large Clear Organizer Pouch - folder for papers
                • Small Dyneema organizer pouch - extra cash
                • Mini Coyote Organizer Pouch - first aid kit
                • Micro Coyote Organizer Pouch - spare change
                • Ristretto for iPad (yes, I carry a Tom Bihn bag inside my Tom Bihn bag) containing:
                  • Small Coyote Organizer Pouch - power brick and cables


                  These days, my business EDC is my Nordic/steel Co-Pilot or black dyneema/wasabi Pilot. I do not carry a lot, so I prefer the CP. But when I need to carry folders, notebook or yellow pad, I switch to the Pilot. I have 3 Little Swifts (cacao ultrasuede, cork and black dyneema/iberian) that I rotate throughout the year also.

                  Set up below is for the CP/Pilot, but I carry same TB pouches when I change to another bag.

                  * Front pocket with pen slots - pens, lip balm, if using the Pilot, I use the large pocket in this compartment to hold business cards I collect at business events. Clipped to the O-ring in this pocket are a 16" cayenne key strap with house and office keys and a utility strap with zip drive, TB whistle, store discount cards. I clip my car key to the same O-ring.

                  * Main compartment - clipped to one of the O-rings is my mini OP (the TB gift) with my earphones and my original TB guardian light. Clipped to the other O-ring is my cacao ultrasuede COW with my business cards and my business name plate (to use atboff site meetings). Free standing in this compartment is a medium COP in iberian which contains personal papers (prescriptions, medical appointments, etc.)

                  SE in olive parapack/UV - cardinal COW (my card wallet) and double OP (my lunch cash wallet - bills in the back, coins in the front). Clipped to an o-ring is a 16" keystrap in UV with a second set of house keys. I put my SE in the main compartment of my business bag.

                  I usually bring my lunch, but on the rare occasion that I take a lunch break, I justvtake the SE with me.

                  Three times a week, I go to pilates or yoga after work. I use a shop bag (large or small, I have several) to carry my yoga towel and yoga clothes in a TSS #4. I leave my business bag in the car trunk, take the SE with me.

                  Once a week after work, I go to dragon boat paddling practice. I use my Aeronaut 45 PCBP to tote my dragon boat paddling gear. In its main compartment - PFD, paddling clothes in a TSS #4 and a 32-oz bottle of water. In its bottom pocket - shoes, prescription goggles, gloves, and headband, cap, hat or combination thereof. My team jacket lives in a TSS #3. If the weather calls for it, I put it in the main compartment.

                  On Saturdays, I use a large shop bag to carry my gear to dragon boat practice. During races, I use the Aeronaut 45 PCBP.