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When the pack gets unbalanced

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    When the pack gets unbalanced

    i know this is a first-world problem but: I, like most of my generation, am a reformed single-strapper. I tend to use a single strap for short distances and double straps when I'm on my bike or walking/hiking longer distances.

    The problem with being a single-strapper is that my bag (I have a Brain bag) is tilted diagonally, and so the vertical Brain Cell tilts and nestles in one corner of the bag. The bag eventually relaxes in this configuration, so when I go with two straps the Brain Cell tends to tilt to one side, making the whole bag unbalanced on the shoulders. Even after recentering it, it will tend to slide to that side again.

    One basic reason for this is that my brain cell's annex clips are too high up, allowing for an easy pivot position. The easy solution to this would have been to have an additional annex clip down near the bottom of the bag, in the middle (or two, one on each side to keep it from sliding to one side or another. Lacking this, I'm trying to think of another approach. I was thinking of attaching my belt strap (which i don't use) to the lower annex clip mounts in the bag via gatekeepers and tying the bag down, but it still has too much play. Any ideas?
    Blue Parapack Brain Bag with Brain Cell

    Thinking about your problem, I wanted to know what size of Brain Cell you use and what orientation. For me, I use a Size 1 or 2s Vertical Brain Cell which stays firmly in place.

    One idea is to make a solid base that keeps the bottom from "relaxing" as you put it and therefore keep its shape / place in the bag. I use some corrugated plastic as a base and cut it to the size of the bottom of one Brain Bag compartment. I added a foam top to keep things softer but still keep its shape. FYI - I do this to add even more protection for my laptop and the Brain Cell itself. However, it does help keeping things firmly in place.

    Another idea is to put some foam "bumpers" on the bottom edge side of your Brain Cell to keep it from shifting too much. Perhaps do the whole side edge if really want to keep it firmly in place.

    Hope this helps
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