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Hanging organizer bag for Brain Bag?

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    Hanging organizer bag for Brain Bag?

    I'm looking for some additional organizational space for my Brain Bag. Ideally I'd like something that hangs from the loops at the top of either of the main compartments without taking up a ton of space. I have a Snake Charmer but unfortunately I can't find a clean way hang it. Anyone have any recommendations to either hang the Snake Charmer or a different bag altogether? It looks like the Side Effect may accomplish what I'm looking for but I'd like some feedback around how it can be attached to the top loops of the BB main compartment.


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    You could probably stick a leads pocket in there using the annex clips and attachment points.


      Would you mind posting a picture of those loops, are they O-rings?

      All I can see in TB Flicker site is the fabric strip that uses Annex Clips.

      Or maybe you mean those " in both of the main compartments (on the back panel of each) are two unobtrusive webbing loops (that we call "rail loops")"

      My solution would be to buy a 1" Triangle Metal Hook: as used as a yarn guide in the Yarn Stuff Sacks
      1-1/2" Triangle Metal Hook: as used on the front of the Brain Bag
      You will find those on the Parts page within the Accessories Parts - Replacement or extra parts for your bag - TOM BIHN

      Then thread 2 Key Strap/O rings, that have been linked to each other to create length, inside the triangle.

      Clip one side of a Double Carabiner or Tactical Link: High strength polymer attachment device. Saves weight compared to metal carabiners.
      Available via the TB part link above, to clip the Snake Charmer.

      If you use a Side Effect, the Shoulder Strap or Key Straps can be used to thread into the Triangle Metal Hook.

      I don't have a Snake Charmer, I find the Clear Quarter Packing Cube and the Side Effect more effective organizing accessories.


        There are many examples of people using the Rail loops to hold other TB bags to the upper part of backpacks. Note that examples using the Rail Loops in any backpack will most likely work in a Brain Bag with those Rail Loops as well. Also, there are other posts of people using the annex clips – those could be adapted to work with rail loops too. Here are a few links I have:

        @Ilkyway - Smart Alec Upper Module Pocket using TB Rail Loops

        @moriond – Several examples of using Rail Loops

        @imagineez – there is a picture with a Dyneema Side Effect attached to Rail Loops using TB double carbiners (from the parts section)

        @Trailhiker – Lead’s Pocket using Annex Clips (but can use some TB Key Straps instead attached to O-Rings on the side of the Lead’s Pocket and threaded through the Rail Loops)

        You can do the same thing – ie use some TB Key Straps instead attached to O-Rings on the side of the Lead’s Pocket and threaded through the Rail Loops – using 3D Organizer Cubes, Side Effects.
        I cannot find it right now be there is a great forum member video review of the S25 where he shows how he linked an Side Effect (I think) to his S25.

        Some other links with ideas that you could also use Rail Loops as well similar to above:

        Hope this helps (assuming we are talking about the same "loops")

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          As tpni pointed out, there are a lot of hacks and options. I am partial to the Condor T&T pouch, which I own. I also own a small, lightweight military pouch which can hang from the rail loops via two gatekeeper clips. See the top bag in this picture.

          But there is a small problem with hanging organizer bags from the loops or attaching them to the annex clip webbing: with any amount of weight in them, they cause the wall of the bag to sag.

          Though the Condor T&T attaches beautifully to the webbing and to the rail loops -- as if it was made for them -- the sag got annoying. For me the solution was to attach the Condor T&T pouch to my brain cell, which is stiff and holds it well.
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