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TB bags really do swallow your belongings

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    TB bags really do swallow your belongings

    Can you spot the DOP in this photograph?
    Click image for larger version

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    Neither could I. I keep my world in a plum DOP: phone*, credit cards, IDs, cash, gift cards, receipts, etc. I was staying at a ski resort recently and must have decided to tuck my wallet away. I didn't need it the whole time I was there, but I was sure looking for it at checkout. I tore the room to shreds, unpacked and repacked my bag twice and put out an APB with the resort staff.

    The whole trip home, I was remembering things that were in that DOP. A $54 bookstore credit that didn't actually belong to me? Check. Silver hoop earrings? Check. Appointment cards for doctor, dentist, hair, etc. Those, too. All replaceable, but getting more and more annoying. Not to mention PLUM DOP! At home, I unpacked everything and put it away. No DOP. Then, just before I was about to return my Aeronaut to the closet, I took one final swipe inside the main compartment.

    The DOP was face in, under the lip of the opening. If you look carefully you can see that something is on top of one of the interior straps. And that the tabby cat is still ignoring me after being left alone for three days with only food, water and a fluffy bed next to the water heater in the garage.

    *Turned off because there was no cell service where we were.


    Binje, this means you need new pouches, in every other color! ^.^
    That DOP has mastered the art of ninjado, it took me quite a while to spot it lol

    This made me reconsider the way I put accessories inside my bags though, I think I'll use pouches that are different in color to both the exterior and interior of my bags instead of going matchy matchy in future.

    ETA: question- why didn't you tether it???
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      I'm glad it turned up. I am one who is also maddened by "loosing" something that I know shouldn't be lost. I'm in agreement with icebeng, it is better to sometimes have something that stands out a little, especially if it's an important something, and if possible, tether it via keystrap!
      Earlier today I lost my Sony DSC-T70. I had taken it to our homeschool co-op along with quite a bit of supplemental classroom materials and instruments for the classes I am responsible for. When I packed this morning I slipped it into the side pocket of a LSB, untethered. But while at school, my day became crazy and I was concerned it would go missing or get damaged by one of the kids, so when I was rearranging things, I slipped it into the front pocket of my Hohner Airboard bag. Needless to say, when I got home I tore apart both the LSB and SB pockets, main compartment, my LS with SE inside, the Imago that I chose to leave at home today, lest I forgot and slipped the camera into the pocket and forgot it. I was starting to get a little desperate. Then sitting in my office, whining at mr. dorayme about how horrible my day was, I saw the Airboard case and knew instantly it was in the pocket.
      I USED to keep this camera in my FOT pouch. Then I stopped carrying it for a while. I'm going to be digging out another mini OP to secure it in. This way I can tether it no matter what TB bag I am carrying and it won't go missing! I felt like such a dork, but I guess loosing something right under my nose is a symptom of being too busy?
      I really, really like TB Bags!


        My TT is in a contrasting color for this very reason, but I never imagined a world where I would lose a pouch inside an empty bag.