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Any idea when Ego will return?

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    Any idea when Ego will return?

    The title pretty much says it all. Just wondering when the Ego will return as I love the look of it and plan to get one when they come back in stock. Also applies for the Super Ego. Both still say they've been out of stock since September 2014 and I've seen no mention on when they will return.

    Thanky muchly!

    Aunty Proton

    Alas, I doubt any of us are privy to this information Though if I had to guess, the crazy busy period appears to be over for now (no holiday season or new product launches) and that's always a good sign for bags that have been out of stock for a while. You'd probably be best off dropping CS an email or giving them a call, though.

    I would say definitely keep an eye on ebay. There was a period some months back when Egos were popping up every other week. It's a really cleverly-designed bag with a unique aesthetic. I'm waiting to get a new laptop before using my Ego more often-- mine is currently storing other TB bags as the current laptop is too heavy/big to be carried with my other EDC items in a one-shouldered bag!