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Western Flyer thought

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    Western Flyer thought

    I LOVE my Western Flyer. I have traveled all over the world with it as my only bag and can't imagine using anything else. I even use it as just a weekend bag on short trips. It fits everything from 3 week trips to 3 day trips perfectly and I use it 98% of the time with one or both backpack straps.

    I have only one feature on it I would change...the placement of the water bottle pocket. I would like to see it on the opposite end of the bag where it's at now (switched in place with the two zipper pockets). As it is placed now, if there's a leak in my water bottle it's going to drip down inside my whole bag. If it was on the opposite side of the bag, when in backpack mode, if there is a leak it will only drip out the bottom of the bag, leaving my passport, ipad and clothing dry. Or turn the backpack straps opposite to where they clip on the bag now so the water bottle pocket is on the bottom of the bag when in backpack mode?

    Hi Ladygogo and welcome to the Forum!
    I do not have a Western Flyer, but what you say makes sense to me. I wonder why Tom Bihn put it this way, and hope maybe Darcy will say something about this. Because in my experience there is a good reason to do it this way due to their very extensive testing of every designs. But as I said, of the top of my head what you wright sounds logical.


    PS: I am an Aeronout girl but every time I read such Western Flyer love I ask my self, if I am missing out on something... (HELP)

    PPS: Do you use a second bag as a day-bag at your destination? If so, which is it?
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      Ladygogo, I would love to see a packing list!

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        Originally posted by Pokilani View Post
        Ladygogo, I would love to see a packing list!
        Same here. I have no idea how to fit 3 weeks into just a Western Flyer and would love to learn.

        I also would like to see the water bottle pocket on several TB bags moved to where they cannot leak into other compartments, including the TriStar (in both shoulder-strap and backpack mode) and the Synapse. I currently hang my water bottle off the bottom of my bag or belt using carabiner clips just to be safe, but then it's bumping around and generally in the way.
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          Me, too. Have a WF not yet used, so need to establish good light-packing habits. A list would be great!


            I don't have a standard packing list as it depends on my destination. The only standards I have are my ipad, wireless ear buds, bikini, and passport. On longer trips I will send my clothes out with the hotel cleaners. At colder climates I don't use a day bag, I put my essentials in my coat pockets, and for warmer climates it again depends on the destination.

            Something I find interesting: I bought the Aeronaut 30 recently and although volume wise it's bigger than the Western Flyer, I couldn't pack as much in it as I can my WF. I'm thinking maybe it's my packing style and the fact that I can use the multiple pockets on the WF. Or maybe I just need to experiment more with packing the A30. I would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced the same.