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So what did you order? March 10th releases.

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    So what did you order? March 10th releases.

    Just curious--who placed orders today? What did you get? Are you still deciding?
    Self-declared Captain of Team AUBERSKY

    Hoping for a return of Hunter and Sage...

    Since I'm on a bag ban, I did not order any bags. I got a red blend (squeegee) FJN, luggage tags in Kiwi and Aubergine (duh), two Spiff Kits in UV and Iberian, Small Q-kit (requested BO or something girly), a WF packing cube, and Size 2 TSS in UV. My order will be delayed though because I have something else on backorder that is not expected to ship until end of the month.


      standard spiff kit in UV, paracord in UV and red, some double carabiners. really wanted luggage tags too, but not in the monthly budget. i figured, since they are new, they will not run out!! (here's hoping, now that i have said that!!) i talked myself into, then out of, then back into, then out of the grey FJN. i really want it, but know that it will not work for me...it is just so PRETTY!!


        Of the new items, all I ordered were luggage tags in Steel and Aubergine.

        I am still contemplating UV paracord and maybe a standard Skiff, but I really am not sure the Skiff will work for the kind of laptop cable bag that I need (currently using a 3D Mesh cube, which *almost* works if I leave out 1 of 3 things, so far I have not needed all 3 on the same trip so I'm getting by. Barely.)
        Rambling On. . . . .


          I did not expect the new ballistic color to be Burnt Orange, otherwise I'd have budgeted appropriately for a MASSIVE TB order, so I settled on some accessories:
          mini Q-Kit, small Q-Kit, and a luggage tag all in my fave color.

          It amazes me how I now want a Western Flyer and Co-Pilot now that Burnt Orange is an option. I think I know what I'll ask for my birthday and Christmas this year.
          Long live Burnt Orange! Zest! 152!

          EDC: Side Kick, Everday Cubelet, DL PCSB (planner pouch); Travel: Smart Alec + Side Kick, Small Yeoman Duffel


            A grey FJN, mini and small Q-Kit, TravelTray, Medium Double OP, Clear Organizer Wallet, Some OPs.
            Well basically the FJN and all Accessoires that where on my Wishlist.

            ... and it has shipped. :-D
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              Since there is apparently no hope for a CoPilot in Dyneema, I ordered a DLBC, small Q-kit in Steel or Aubergine, Spiff (standard) in Steel, some TSS (UV,Iberian,Steel) and a Swift. (Black, Black, Iberian)

              ETA- And UV cord pulls!


                I was very restrained and only ordered two small Q-kits (I am currently using a mini for knitting stuff, but it is the tiniest bit too small. I figured I might as well get two while I was ordering). And I will be back down the road for a Spiff and a burnt orange Swift.


                  I ordered a small Q-kit, the rest of the stuff had been on my wishlist anyways: some keystraps with the 0-ring, a packing cube shoulder bag and a coyote micro pouch. I was really really hoping that one of the new items would be micro pouches in parapack but that didn't happen so I went with the coyote ballistic in the meantime.
                  Getting to the point with too many bags to list them all. Current daily carry is my Black Halcyon Zeitgeist with a Cobalt Cerylon 3DOC as my "purse"/


                    I just got the shipping notice for my:

                    burnt orange side effect,
                    2 kiwi luggage tags,
                    azalea organizer wallet (a back up in case anything happens to my current azalea OW),
                    an A30 laundry stuff sack (wasabi), and
                    a waist strap to keep my SCB in place while riding my bike

                    UV would not have been my first choice to line a BO side effect - I would have preferred wasabi - but the exterior is what really matters in this case!


                      I'm not afraid to repeat myself.

                      I ordered (and it shipped already!):
                      ID messenger bag in Black/Steel/Wasabi
                      4Z cache with rails
                      Absolute Shoulder strap
                      Q-kit small (whatever color I get)
                      Cordura Organizer Pouch (medium, whatever color I get)

                      I like to see what color the crew sends on these little items, mainly pouches and Q-kits. So far, I've gotten cocoa, steel, olive, wasabi, red, black and navy. Love'em all. What will this hall bring, I wonder ...


                        March Madness has begun!

                        Red Blend FJN and matching COW
                        SCB in French Blue/Steel (shhh... surprise for daughter)
                        Iberian Small Shop Bag and TT to have on hand for gifts
                        More COWs in Turquoise and Orange 152
                        Iberian Med YSS for me
                        Satisfied owner of: Azalea Swift & LS, Blk/Plum Swift, Cork LS, Blk/UV LS, Synapse 19 & Co-Pilot, Steel/UV Pilot, Fst/Stl Tri-Star, Fst/Blk/UV SA, UV PCSB, Plum SE, FJN, & SCB, Aubergine WF, LS & Kit, Trvl Trays, Passport Pouches, and Shop Bags in all colors , Multiplying OPs


                          Greetings Everyone,
                          I love all the colors the Q-Kit is available in, especially the dyneema, so I ordered several in both sizes. Added a few luggage tags, knitting pouches that were in my wish list, a couple double carabiners, a pocket pouch, and the new tiny padded pouches.

                          Then during checkout, as I corrected a problem with the color selections, a Western Flyer just fell into my cart.

                          Temptations: Tristar and Aeronaut30. Resistance is futile, so they went on the wish list. I anticipate I'll pick up the new knitting bag when it debuts, so I have a few weeks to decide between the Tristar and Aeronaut.

                          I am absolutely in love with kiwi! As I'm not that keen on most things green, I find this very surprising. Several kiwi items went on my order. The TBAS had not even started when I realized at least three things I forgot. Might have to call and add them to my order. elisa


                            And to think when I woke up this morning I had no idea that today would at long last be the day that I FINALLY got the Burnt Orange Side Effect for which I have wished, hoped, and dreamed for ages now. Thank you, Tom Bihn, for making the SE in Burnt Orange ballistic.

                            So of course I placed an all-orange order: Burnt Orange Side Effect, Burnt Orange COW, and a small Q-Kit which I begged, pleaded, and groveled in hopes that it will arrive in Burnt Orange, too.

                            And it's shipped: hurray!

                            Like you, @brendabethman, that BO Swift may be in my future, but not just yet.



                              I ordered a burnt orange luggage tag to house the cards I use a lot but take up too much space in my wallet: GoTo transit pass, library card, and Y card.

                              An azalea COW (my favorite acronym). I couldn't decide between azalea, azure, and turquoise, and French blue so I asked for samples of them.

                              A Spiff Kit*! wasabi Standard size, even though the Deluxe is really speaking to me too. I like the square shape of it. I guess I like squares. But Ilkyway's photo of it in the Synapse 25 bottom pocket sold me. I'm easily sold.

                              *am I the only one* who puts an L in Spiff, and changes the meaning completely? to something that's legal in Washington state?