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Bag Linings: Not Just for Good Looks.

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    Bag Linings: Not Just for Good Looks.

    Hello All:

    Over on the TB Anticipation Syndrome thread, moriond wrote in part:
    Having a crimson lining on the inside of bags is just gorgeous...Enjoy your ID bag and that happy burst of crimson when you open that bag!

    No arguments at all on it being gorgeous and it's one of the reasons I was so happy to be able to order one of the last of the ID bags with Crimson lining. It also makes it easy to find things inside no matter what the lighting conditions are, of course, as is durable as can be.

    But today I found a new use for my happy burst of Crimson lining that startled me & one that made me even happier I'd chosen this color. The reason is Security.

    Short story: I walked over to my local library with my new ID bag (Black-Navy-Crimson) that just arrive last week. I staked out a comfortable chair for reading and, leaving my ID on it along with my jacket and notebook, I walked about 20ft away to a row of books to grab one & come back to read. While I was over on that aisle, I caught a flash of crimson red out of the corner of my eye & looked over towards my seat. A very cute kid, maybe five, was lifting the flap of my bag up and letting it flop down, obviously delighted with whatever he was seeing. His mother came over and got him and they went off to the children's section.

    When I came back to my seat I thought about that & realized that if it had not been a curious child but rather someone wanting to steal something, they would have a bit of trouble with the "Crimson Alarm" that is built into my ID. Anytime the interior is accessed it really is noticeable and this is a feature I'd not considered when buying a bag. So from now on, I think I'll definitely opt for the brightest, cheeriest colors not only because they make me happy but also because they serve as a simple alert when the bag is opened.

    Best wishes,

    Good point, Adi! Now that you describe this, I'm realizing how often seeing a bright lining color or the pattern of Dyneema/nylon out of the corner of my eye helps me keep tabs on my bags, whether that's in a public place or in a car packed with bags for a road trip or at home.
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