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Coffee travel mug suggestions

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    Originally posted by PM4HIRE View Post
    Click http://www.mysigg.com/index.asp?Page...TS&Category=22
    to view SIGG thermal bottles.
    Has anyone ever tried a SIGG for hot stuff? Sadly the just about miss my target size of 16oz except for a few options.

    I could go with with this one that looks like a water bottle but the narrow opening would be a problem. I'd probably have to use a funnel to load my coffee.

    I could go up to 24oz with this and get more of a thermos style but I had a hard time finding any images that showed the opening. I assume it's a normal thermos style but still I'd like to SEE it. Main issue here besides cost is that it's larger than what I think I need.

    I also am not sure how long they keep things hot. They say double walled but the key I think is vacuum sealed. They also mention keeping hot up to 10 hours but I'm not sure.
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      I've read 2 reviews now about the Anthracite line that will keep me from purchasing. Here are the blurbs:

      I bought this at an Outdoor shop at a national park, where there was no choice. While it appeared well made and didn't leak after I adjusted the cap, there was some kind of black sealant inside on the weld seam. I have only put hot green tea (no sugar) in the bottle, nothing corrosive. Yet after washing it in hot water and Dawn detergent, and using a soft Bottle Brush, the sealant came off. Now the bottle has internal leaks and plain hot water will pour out brown after a couple of hours.

      There apparently is no warranty on this product, and writing and emailing to many of the US distributors and the European headquarters have produced nothing in 3 months. I have replaced this with a Zojirushi SJ-SDE10 Tuff Sports Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle (may still have wrong product image on link) and couldn't be happier. The Zojirushi keeps my tea hotter longer and has a 5 year warranty if I need it.

      It's made in CHINA. All the aluminum bottles have swiss made written on them, so I assumed that the thermos ones (steel) were too since there is nothing written on these bottles. I was looking at the box, and in small print at the bottom it says Made in China. I called the Sigg co. and they said that all their stainless steel products are made in China. They should write that on the bottles!
      There are several other good reviews where folks really like the line, but it only takes me a couple of scathing experiences (especially that draw questions to material quality and construction methods) to put me off of a particular product.

      Maybe someone else has personal experience with this bottle?




        It is a stainless steel travel mug from ThinkGeek. I doesn't say where it was made, but their CS is outstanding and would be surprised if they didn't tell you. They also have one with a built in digital photo frame, but is out of stock currently. Best of luck!


          Klean Kanteen Insulated

          I really like my Klean Kanteen Insulated vacuum thermos. I find that it if it is full and very hot when I fill it up, it stays hot for around 5 hours and warm for up to about 12. It has double-walled stainless construction, and the lid is stainless on the top so that the hot beverage has no contact with plastic. The threads are external and the top is sealed with a (silicone? o-ring). I have found the lid that comes with this bottle to be TOTALLY leak-proof. However, they sell an accessory lid called the Cafe Cap from which you can drink without removing the lid -- this lid is NOT leak-proof. What I do is transport my beverage with the standard lid, and then switch to the Cafe Cap when I'm at work, then switch back if there is any liquid left by the end of the day.

          The stainless steel is 18/8 and has no liner, unlike some of the Sigg bottles. I use the bottle for coffee and tea and it's pretty easy to clean since the interior is all stainless and the interior corners are rounded. They are made in China but they say that they ensure sustainability and fair labor practices (there is information on their web site about this). Me and my SO each have one and we're both happy -- wouldn't hesitate to replace them if they were lost/broken. There are three sizes and we ended up with two of the medium (16 oz) though we considered getting one of the 20 oz.

          Below is their web site, though you can buy the bottles at a number of retailers including REI and Amazon.


            I agree with yeti - I really like the Kleen Kanteen insulated thermos. I carry my coffee on my lap, inside my cafe bag (wheelchair user) so I have to make sure it's not going to leak anywhere. I tend to put it inside a gallon-sized plastic zipper bag (and I can re-use this about a million times before disposing of it (at this point filled with litter box scoopings), so I don't feel like I'm being terribly wasteful. It only has leaked once, and that was because the seal had broken. K.K. customer service mailed me a whole new lid, and it's never leaked again, but I'm so paranoid that I tend to stick it in the plastic bag anyway.

            The best part of the K.K. is that it's so easy to clean! Most thermoses have enough plastic or moving parts of that that they retain some leftover smell or contaminant (since I drink milky coffee this is very important). Even their cafe lid is easy to clean, it comes apart in two pieces and hasn't retained any scent. Sometimes I switch things up and drink tea, if it's a fruity tea the leftover scent/flavor isn't pretty. Haven't had this problem w/the K.K.

            IIRC, they're made in USA (Chico, CA).
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              That Kleen Kanteen sounds great! I went through several drink holders from coffee shops and the lids almost immediately started leaking or just broke outright. I drink my coffee with soymilk and sugar, so I also need one that is easy to clean.
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