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Welcome to 2009!

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    Welcome to 2009!

    UPDATE: Ack! Less than 24 hours after sending this out, it looks like someone's come up with the solution -- which is nice, in that I expected it to be *soluble,* but I didn't think it would be done quite so fast. I guess I gave away too much in the clues! Now I need to pick out a prize for my friend Jon ... I dunno if he's already a Bihn fan (though he is a Seattleite), but I think a couple of organizer pouches would be good for everyone.



    This is a stretch, but I'm confident there are a lot of people among the knitters, computer types and sudoko puzzlers who I see carrying Tom Bihn bags who might enjoy working on this cryptogram I made for New Year's.

    http://timothylord.googlepages.com/welcometo2009ad! <-- note that the "!" at the end is part of the address; cutting-and-pasting may be necessary.

    I intend (but promising would be a bad idea) to make another next year; I skipped last year, but there's a link from this one to the last one I made (2006-2007).

    Tom and Darcy: if *you* solve this, I promise no Bihn toys as a prize; for anyone else, perhaps some (very) small item from the Bihn catalog would be your prize I'm not a good philanthropist, but I am curious if anyone will solve it, and if so how quickly.


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