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    hi folks,

    i wanted to share a cookbook called veganomicon. a very good friend has been hosting potluck dinners where we all cook a dish from this cookbook and it has gone really well! now, she's chosen dishes that nicely compliment each other and taste fantastic. but i have been so pleased with everything that i have had that i've gone ahead and ordered the book myself.

    i have made potato and kale enchiladas and a soy vanilla cake from the book.

    even if you're not vegan but have been curious about vegan cooking, this is a good book to try.

    i've made a few recipes from vegan cupcakes take over the world from the same authors and have also been pleased with the results.

    i am a lacto-vegatarian myself. i will have milk and milk products in my diet, but mostly prefer non-dairy alternatives. i am impressed by the number of milk alternatives available. soy milk, rice milk, hemp milk, and almond milk are all great alternatives. you may find some of these may to have an acquired taste.

    oooh, my worlds are colliding. veganomicon is fantastic! it's kind of a "joy of vegan cooking." i can also STRONGLY recommend vegan cupcakes take over the world; i've made a bunch of those recipes and people ask for them again and again and again. the pumpkin chocolate chip cuppers with the cinnamon glaze are somehow becoming my signature dish. heh.

    isa's first book was vegan with a vengeance, which is amazing. french toast, pumpkin muffins, soups, pizza from scratch, you name it. deeelicious.

    and! if that weren't enough, she has a vegan brunch book coming out in just a couple of weeks!

    i could talk about isa all day.


      Originally posted by bluedawg View Post
      french toast
      all this talk is making me hungry. but thanks! now i know what i'm making for breakfast tomorrow


        This sounds like a good book, funny title, too. (It's gotta be a play on Cryptonomicon, eh? I'm sure the set of Neal Stephenson fans has a pretty big overlap with vegans / vegetarians -- I certainly know several people in that intersection, though I fall only into the former and not the latter group.)

        And though I don't have the recipe, perhaps the best muffins I have ever eaten were made by a friend of mine (vegetarian, plus eats milk products, but I think these were no-dairy) whose wife can't eat wheat. They were garbanzo-flour pumpkin muffins with apricot pieces, and I think no muffin I've had before or since can top them. Hmm, this makes me want to seek out the recipe, but I think it'd been long-since last when I asked a while back.



          "It's gotta be a play on Cryptonomicon, eh?"

          Or Necronomicon, which predates the Cryptonomicon and also outs them as geeks...