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greater appreciation for stay at home and single parents

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    greater appreciation for stay at home and single parents

    hi folks,

    my wife's mom has been going through some karma with the doctors and nurses up in toronto. she's doing better! this is after a scare last week where they thought that she had suffered a cardiac arrest. it turned out to be a respiratory arrest, which while not much better, is still better than a heart attack . she's stable and in great spirits and continuing the plasma exchange treatments to stabilize the platelet count in her blood, as well as the dialysis treatments until her kidneys start to respond again.

    my wife has been up in canada taking care of her mom since last friday. this has given me a great opportunity to play single parent to my three and a half year old son, who by the way has just gotten into the asking endless why? questions about everything.

    while thoroughly exhausting, this experience has allowed me to gain a better appreciation for all that a single parent and stay at home parent does for their child. to make the experience more complete, my son has caught something and stayed home from camp today, and will also be home tomorrow. while i stayed home with him and we had lots of fun, i still needed to take care of stuff for work because everyone else in my team is also away this week (two on vacation, one on paternity leave, one in training on the west coast).

    we usually have a routine where i make breakfast and get my son ready, and my wife makes his lunch and either she or i take him to school or summer camp. then she picks him up at 3:30pm from school or summer camp, has a snack ready for him, does some fun activity with him. i come home from work around 6 or 6:30pm, and depending on what's planned for the evening, we're at home or out or i'm running an errand or my wife's running an errand.

    it may not seem like that big a deal, but having experienced it myself this week, it is something quite different when you're one parent taking care of it all. it isn't that it is physically exhausting, but mentally, you're drained at the end of the day!

    i've gone off for a week or so at a time, whether for training, or to india. other than one night for a girl's weekend away last summer, this is the only time my wife has been away from my son.

    anyhow, besides wanting to ramble on about all of this, i wanted to share my heart felt appreciation for all stay at home parents and single parents out there. what you do for your kids is absolutely amazing!

    Full Time Job

    Being a stay home mother or dad is a full time occupation with a lot of overtime. It isn't easy, but has a lot of rewards.
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