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Need a good USA made work boot.

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    Need a good USA made work boot.

    I'm in need of replacing my 12 year old Red Wing boots. I aware that they make them overseas (Asia) now, and herd bad things about the quality now. So, does anyone know of a really good, made in the USA work boot? I'm stumped, because Chippewa, and Danner have done the same thing, moving a lot of production offshore. Actually, it can be made in Canada, or the UK/Europe. I just happen to live in Asia, so I really know how the quality and work practices are! Thanks!

    Have you tried Thorogood? They make a very good boot.


      Work Boots

      Do you have any Occupational Health and Safety Standards that the work boot must comply? Steel Toe and Steel Soul and Electrical Resistant?

      Such as:

      CSA Standard Z195-02, Protective Footwear, or

      Protective footwear purchased after July 5, 1994 shall comply with ANSI Z41-1991, "American National Standard for Personal Protection-Protective Footwear," which is incorporated by reference as specified in Sec. 1910.6, or shall be demonstrated by the employer to be equally effective.


        Thanks guys!

        Karl, I'll check them out again, thanks, and no, no requirements, and no steel toe. Living in the Philippines, I'm probably going to steer clear of insulated. Waterproof would be nice, along with stitch- down construction. I'd love it if whoever makes them can re craft your old boots to like new condition, like Danner does for their boots.


          Red Wing still makes some boots (such as the ones I purchase) in the USA. You just have to ask your salesman for a USA made boot. I use the single Red Wing dealers as they offer better customer service in my opinion than the Corporate Stores.


            Sailor, do you get USA made Red Wings, or a made overseas model? I'm just curious what your impressions are on the current Red Wing quality, if you still feel that it's there?


              Red Wing still makes some boots here in the U.S.A. I buy work oxford type shoes (steel toe always). However, Red Wing is making private label boots for so many companies now (Cat & Harley I think, and a bunch others) that they have to use overseas factories in order to compete. If you notice their logo used to include "Made in USA", but since all of their boots are not, they have removed it completely.

              My shoes are about $160.00 Each. I wear mine every day, and replace them every 6-7 months like clockwork.

              The Pacific Northwest is full of loggers and many still buy handmade boots for working, in the woods. They are amazing (like the TB of boots) when you pick them up you can tell they have so much more leather. I know a couple people who swear by them. They are custom made (in Eastern Washington State I think) after sending in a bunch of measurements and even maybe a mold of your foot, of course their price reflects the quality. I could ask my shoe man for the information if you'd like.


                Take a look at Justin Workboots. They are available with and without steel toe, brown, black. They are comfy and look a little more manly than pointy cowboy boots. (they are not pointy but not a wide rounded front either) Try some on at a local cowboy boot store.


                  Haven't checked here in awhile..

                  I tried to break in a pair of Danner Mountain Lite II's, boy that was a mistake! The tongue is designed in a weird way that makes it possible for rain (or any water/liquid) to run off your pant leg directly into the boot, plus the back of the shoe rubbed a hole in both my ankles. Needless to say I wasn't happy.

                  I also have been trying to wear a pair of Limmer Mid-Mid Weights that I bought. They're still stiff and heavy. but a lot more comfortable. They have the stitchdown construction, which I prefer to the melded sole, means you can have them restored easier. The sole is almost worn out, and the stitching is beginning to break on the uppers on my Red Wings. Had them resoled once in Calfornia, but from what they tell me they won't restitch Gortex, as supposedly it'll void the waterproofing. It makes it sort of hard to bring them into a Red Wing store for a resole when I'm about 5-7,000 miles away from the nearest one.