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packing your tilley hat

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    packing your tilley hat

    hi folks,

    i'm very excited that i'm getting a tilley hat this weekend!

    i'd like to take it with me on my trip to india later this month, and was curious how i should pack it. can i pack it flat inside my aeronaut?


    Tilley Hats (or That's not a Hat, THIS is a HAT!)

    Great to see that you're getting a great hat for most outdoor adventures.

    My Tilley Hat is a basic T4

    The problem with packing it is that when I first got it, I wanted to fold the hat just right and keep that brand new look. The feeling didn't last long as I discovered the hat can take a great deal of abuse.

    After a while I would flatten it, mash it and stuff it darn near anywhere and it still comes out looking great, not brand new mind you, but pretty good.

    I've gotten to the point where I've run out of ways to abuse the hat because it just keeps coming back looking fine and working great.

    Great for traveling, hiking, camping, and any outdoor adventure. I've got the patina started on the brass grommets of the hat from the salt water from taking it to the Dominican a few times.

    Oh you had a question...

    Yes pack it flat in your Aeronaut.

    Have a great time in India.


      Tilley hats can take a beating

      I recently purchased a Cadet Cap from Patagonia that I'm
      very happy with.
      Tom Welch > Mesa, Arizona, USA

      Travel Lite & Smart


        thanks north boy! i believe i picked up the lt4b. good to know that it will take abuse (though i'll try not to abuse it) and that i can pack it flat in my aeronaut!

        thanks pm4hire! the cadet cap looks pretty neat.


          This may be a little late but Sierra Trading Post has tons of Tilley hats for 30% to 40% off.


            Originally posted by GaryS View Post
            This may be a little late but Sierra Trading Post has tons of Tilley hats for 30% to 40% off.
            thanks gary!

            actually, i had picked mine up at the tilley flagship store in toronto. i felt it a little snug and left it for my wife to switch for a larger size. it got left back in toronto when she came back, so her cousin has brought it with him this weekend.


              Tilley's Take Abuse

              Here's another story of how much the Tilley can take abuse.

              Watch out for elephants Maverick


                Tilley Hats

                When purchasing a Tilley hat always buy one size
                up, their hats tend to shrick over time.
                Tom Welch > Mesa, Arizona, USA

                Travel Lite & Smart


                  One Bag, One World's take on the Tilley hat.


                    I originally assumed that the recent Practical Hack post on The Tilley hat: best recreational/travel hat available? might have sparked some of this discussion or the timing of maverick's purchase, but I haven't seen any references to that article. I'll also point out/remind forum users of this blog recommendtion from Tom Bihn.



                      Tilley hats are like Crocs: You either love them or you hate them.

                      Me, I'll start wearing a Tilley hat when I get old.


                        thank you all for the review links!

                        i don't think the tilley is necessarily for old people. or maybe i'm getting old, who knows.

                        i haven't gotten my hands on it yet - waiting excitedly...


                          I'm almost 40... but I have 4 Tilley hats! Summer and winter. Been wearing them for 5 years. They are GREAT hats. Almost everybody who sees me wear them says, "...nice hat". I find the appearance of "old" depends on a LOT more than just the hat you wear... :-)


                            There's a variety of styles of Tilley hats - choose the right style (and size) for you and they'll look great. Tom often hikes with his Tilley hat tucked inside the bungee on the exterior of his Smart Alec.
                            Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

                            Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.