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Maybe Tom should raise his prices.

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    Maybe Tom should raise his prices. I thought people might enjoy this.

    Heh. I can think of something else gets scuffed and scratched in transit, and costs $27,000


      Hrm, maybe Tom Bihn can make a new bag, the 'Multiple Personality.' This bag when expanded forms a three dwelling structure, yet folds to a convenient backpack. Complete with plumbing and furniture cleverly woven into the design, this apartment house on your back will retail for 27,100. Absolute strap extra.
      Bags: Latest: Pop Tote and Shop Bag (large) ; also have a Co-Pilot, Super Ego (w/cork seatbelt); Aeronaut; Medium Cafe Bag; Large Cafe Bag; Brain Cell; Shop Bag small, (Steel); Packing Cube Shoulder Bag. Accessories: Oh yeah, bunches.
      Sadly Lost to Hazmat: An Imago in Steel/Cork & MCB in Linen/Olive.
      " ...all [that] you have to depend on is yourself and your luggage." - The Luggage Salesman (Joe Versus the Volcano)


        Metal exteriors are so old fashion!!

        I am going to the NY store and will request for a $200 discount. With my savings I am going to buy a Super Ego for my Hermes
        Check out my for TB's Laptop Bags (H/V Brain Cell and Cache), extensible to other bags in general