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Where did the Ipad thread go?And Why?

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    Where did the Ipad thread go?And Why?

    I am baffled,what happened to the thread regarding the Ipad?


    Must have gotten too exciting. Sorry I missed it.


      So whoever decided to moderate this topic can not just step forward and say so?


        Things in that thread were getting a bit heated, and after making an effort to try to separate (by moving threads, posts and opening new threads) the iPad stuff from the iPad bag stuff from the more argumentative stuff, I found it impossible to do that in a way that allowed the thread(s) make any sense. In the end, I decided that I should be focusing on some cool new stuff we hope to introduce soon rather than mediating a pro-Apple/anti-Apple discussion, and shelved the whole thing. My apologies to everyone who participated in that thread!
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          I didn't mind it getting deleted, it was not about bags anyway :-)
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            Thank you Darcy for the explanation.
            I don't really understand why it was banished from here,I thought it was an interesting spirited discussion and something different but harmless.

            But als it is not my call to make.
            I do appreciate you taking the time though to explain it to me.



              Some thread comments were mean-spirited and unwarranted.

              The best commentary on the iPad I read is from the developer of Pocket Informant, Alex Kac. This software is one of my essential WinMo apps.

              The iPad is a new market. The market for the iPad is not necessarily iPod Touch or iPhone users, though of course many of those users will buy one. Its not for tech geeks who need something as close to a real laptop - just smaller - as possible. Its for everyone else. And that means its going to be popular. The price point and capability will frankly mean it will easily outsell all Macs combined. There are so many people out there who never need a full sized computer, but they have one to check email, web browse and do cool things. The iPad will run iPhone apps and iWork. It'll have AAA games from EA and others. It'll run iPhone apps that do 150,000 different things. Honestly for the vast majority of consumers the iPad will be all they ever need. No mess. No fuss. No anti-virus. I already know of two families thinking about ditching their PCs for an iPad. Everybody who has thought "bah, what will it do for me?" and then touched it came away amazed.

              The best part about the iPad is that it still uses the iPhone OS. That means great iPhone apps will run it now and optimized iPad apps will run on it later. It means developers like us can keep our codebase strong and tight and optimized to work with both. It means that we can keep a core app and really blow people out of the water for a large and small screen UI. Its not enough to simply let PI grow bigger on the iPad screen. We really have to redo a few things to make it work. But that's OK because that will make PI stronger on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Truly this is great news for iPhone users because it gets our creative juices flowing and we believe that some of the new UI elements on iPad will come down to the iPhone where it makes sense. Plus things like landscape iPhone will be able to match some iPad features and well, I'm just dancing with excitement here!

              We will be bringing Pocket Informant to the iPad. We plan to bring a few of our other app ideas to the iPhone and iPad as well. We've been planning on some great new apps for the iPhone OS in 2010. The iPad just makes it that much greater.
              Been there. Done that. Can't remember.


                I for one encourage moderation to keep the forum friendly and helpful. There is an unfortunate tendency in online forums for discussions to turn into debates, debates into arguments, and arguments into flamewars. I appreciate that some folks love nothing better than a knock down, no holds barred insult fest, but there are surely lots of other places on the internet that cater to that particular taste.

                Speaking of which, there are plenty of places online with robust Ipad debates currently raging. So nothing lost by losing one here.
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                  Is this Round 2?

                  My two cents: It sounds like a great device to take to the laundromat, or anywhere you don't want to worry about your unguarded laptop when you use the bathroom.

                  That's not controversial, is it?


                    The OP's question has been answered. Locked.