Recently, I was on an outdoor video shoot and I used a wireless mic kit (Audio Technica ATR 288W Twin Mic) with my camcorder. I've used this kit successfully a couple of times now, but I lost a minor accessory. The kit included a single iPod-style earphone, similar to these. The single earphone was a little odd, but it worked until I lost it on an outdoor shoot and it fell off when I wasn't looking. I retraced my footsteps but could not find it.

It was just a cheap earbud, but it was handy for the work. I will be in the market for a replacement earbud(s), naturally, before my next shoot. I always used my iPod's standard earbuds with it, but I find them cumbersome because they do not store neatly and can be easily tangled.

Here's what I would like to get, for my wireless mic rig and for portable iPod listening.

1: compact, can coil up and store quickly and neatly

2: inexpensive, within reason

3: quality construction and quality portable sound

4: I do not want the newer "in ear" earbuds.

As you can tell, I haven't even looked at the market for earbuds for quite some time. Earbuds are something I wear to listen to audio for limited periods of time. If I wear them too long, they get greasy and make my ears sore.

Does anyone have suggestions or what would be good products or where there are good earphone/earbud evaluations?


-- The Mountain Man