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    I've had both of my Moderna shots. No side effects except a sore arm for day. I start traveling next month. Domestically (USA) at first since most international locations I want to visit are still closed. I don't know where I'm going yet but I am trying to stay away from cicadas, black flies and excessive heat. Any suggestions?

    I've been living in a hotel for the past 15+ months and it's amazing how much I have accumulated. I'm starting to return things to my storage unit as well as a good clear out.
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      Originally posted by GrussGott View Post
      UK, Ireland, and Iceland are other options for US citizens willing to do a quarantine stay, and hopefully they'll start opening up more to vaccinated / PCR-negative travelers.
      I just saw that Iceland is now open to vaccinated travelers, but the U.S. is still warning people due to the volcanic eruption.


        1) Pfizer
        2) Only one shot so far, no side effects
        3) Once I am fully vaccinated, I may do a road trip to visit my grandma. I have an aspirational trip booked for October (Peru!), but can cancel w/o penalty if need be.

        I didn’t know I would miss traveling as much as I do. This is by far the longest stretch of no flying I have experienced since my first big trip in 1995.

        I’ve been doing packing lists and itineraries in my head as a coping mechanism.

        I recently lost someone close to COVID, which apart from being really shitty timing given where the US is with vaccines, made me really reflect on how short life is, even when we don’t die young.

        My October trip is a longer vacation from work than I have ever dared take before. I’m a little worried about blowback from colleagues, but still committed to doing it without regrets.
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          1) I was able and lucky to get my shots a bit early because of some health conditions, in late February and start of April. (The first shot was actually delayed a week by that Texas ice storm!)

          2) Moderna. First shot only gave me a sore arm and a touch of wooziness. Second knocked me down for a couple days with aches, chills, and queasiness. Worth it tho.

          3) In the few weeks since we’ve both reached “full vax,” the boyf and i have just been venturing out slowly … did a coffee shop for a couple hours last weekend, had dinner with some friends at Hula Hut on their outdoor pier this weekend. :9

          Travelwise, I’m driving to check in on my dad next week for a few days — first I’ll have seen him since Mom’s funeral in July. (That trip was much more harrowing, even with the summer dip in cases.) After that we’re supposed to be flying to NoCal at the end of July for a wedding, and I may stay a few extra days to explore my old neighborhood a bit.

          Hopefully more travel in the future, tho it’s hard to say when we’ll feel safe (or capable) of international travel.
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