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Destinations in Mexico?

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    Destinations in Mexico?

    I'm going to Mexico for 3-4 weeks some time between early July & mid-August, and would very much appreciate suggestions.

    My partner and I plan to leave the US for Latin America by 2024, and I expect we'll bounce around before we settle. My main goal now is to scout out places that might serve as our base for the first year or two.

    Though we'll also be looking at South America (especially Colombia & Ecuador), the situation with Covid there is much worse right now than in Mexico.

    On this trip to Mexico I might visit include Oaxaca, Querétaro, & Guanajuato, and I'll have a few days in Mexico City. Any suggestions on other cities or towns I should visit? We prefer mountains to beaches, and we want somewhere with lots of culture, a well-preserved historic center, and not too many expats or tourists. Reliable wi-fi is essential. We love the idea of San Miguel de Allende, but fear that it's already been infiltrated by too many folks from the U.S. and Canada.

    On a TB note -- I may try to do this trip with a Shadow Guide 23 and a Sidekick, both in Ursa.

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