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    I never really liked disposable cups - whether they are made out of paper or styrofoam. I don't really walk and drink my coffee so I simply order "for here" and insist I get a washable mug/cup. I tend to not frequent cafes that do not have "real" mugs and cups. There are times, however, when I want to get a coffee across the street from work and bring it to drink in my office. I know there are a gazillion million brands of thermos coffee mugs on the market but what I want seem to be hard to find.

    All I want is a small coffee mug. And please, don't tell me 16 oz is small. It isn't. Years ago, I found a perfect size carry mug at starbucks; it must be 8 oz, if that. The only problem is that it is made out of plastic.

    Any suggestions?

    How about http://www.coffeecups.co.uk/products...nge/porcelite/


      I have one of these, but haven't used it much in a while...

      Visol "Neverfail" Stainless Steel Double Walled 8oz Coffee Mug


        Or maybe this would work:

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          thanks everyone! I'll post a picture once I find the right one


            Two things about the "I Am Not a Paper Cup" linked to:

            Reuseit seems confused about its size. Most sites list it at 12 oz (though a few at 10oz). I measured mine out at 12. It certainly isn't 8oz.

            I don't recommend them for coffee. Mine works wonderfully for tea, but every time I try putting coffee in it, it wicks up under the lid and dribbles down the size of the cup, until I give up and remove the lid. Very messy. I do put cream in my coffee, so that might be a factor. If you can find someone who has one and takes their coffee black, you might want a second opinion.

            The Visol Neverfail has my curiosity, as I'd love an 8oz mug that was permitted on the bus. Website is pretty dodgy, though, so it's hard to be sure whether it's really 8oz, leak resistant, and/or plastic free.
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