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Porch Pirates and New Home Design - Are they building any solution?

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    Porch Pirates and New Home Design - Are they building any solution?

    I assume TB fans have frequent package deliveries so may know more about this. Occasionally the topic comes up about Porch Pirates stealing delivered packages off of porches. The news stories of this have gone on for years yet the only presented solution is the increase prevalence of doorbell cameras to see your stolen package leaving and only have a slight chance at prosecuting the offender and even less likely of recovering your package. Has there been home design changes. large lockable package home drop boxes. or other solution to the problem?

    I know any solution has to be easy and quick because it is a challenge enough to get some delivery drivers to get the package to the porch.

    (Apologies for lack of commas above. my keyboard comma key decided to stop working just now)

    I've seen people put out patio storage boxes with an open padlock, and instructions for delivery people to lock packages inside.
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      Avoid porch pirates by not having packages delivered to your home whenever possible. Both UPS and FedEx have access points where you can have packages delivered. You can also have packages delivered to their stores. Amazon has access points as well as lockers.

      USPS has a free informed delivery service that will tell you what mail you received and when. You can also hold mail (free) and intercept a package to have it sent to a post office (for a fee.)


        There are locking package drop boxes available that you can install, especially if you have high frequency deliveries and it's a big problem in your area. I usually do a combination of what
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        Shortie describes, as well as buying locally whenever possible
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          This is a huge problem in my neighborhood, and I live on a high-traffic street where all kinds of thefts are common. As it's a four-unit condo, we basically have solved the issue by requesting that the deliveries are made to the side porch out of view of the public*, and then tracking deliveries on our phones so that we get notifications the instant they're left. We'll text each other when something arrives, if not at home, and usually there is someone available to whisk it inside. We've more or less set up a mutual aid network in this regard. But if I didn't have such nice neighbors who are frequently at home, I'd probably invest in one of those lockable boxes -- they're not cheap, though!

          I agree with the other suggestions for getting deliveries at work (where that's allowed or feasible) or having them shipped to an access point. For me, though, our current system is working and it's the most practical solution.

          *I'd say that about 75% of the time, the carriers comply with our request to leave the items in a nonvisible location. Sometimes they are too busy or don't care, and honestly the same might be true if we requested that they place it in a lockbox.
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            I think it’s an increasing problem everywhere. Unless my delivery is low value (so I’m willing to take a risk) or it’s a shipping agent which allows choice of delivery day to be sure that I will be home, then I try to buy from companies or use shipping agents that allow me to choose relay points (close to home or close to work) for collection, or like Amazon to use collection lockers.


              I find living in the middle of nowhere takes care of the problem nicely.. (Kidding, sorta.)

              But seriously, we got the biggest mailbox we could find after the postal worker left our mailbox open on a busy (rural) highway and it's been working really well. They even delivered an 11" cast iron pan in it and were able to close the door fully. It's like Mary Poppins' purse.
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                Thanks for all the replies. I have been a victim of porch pirates only once (USPS delivered box it ON TOP of my mailbox by busy road; postmaster even had the GPS pinpoint when delivered when I inquired about it and certainly box would not fit into my mailbox. It was not my local carrier rather a package delivery from usps hub). I alsohad a UPS package from TB that set the box on the hood of my pickup truck in a light sprinkle. Luckily I was home and heard the delivery truck leave. (my truck was 10 feet from my porch fyi). I like using the amazon drop boxes as it seems I get the order sooner and it has some convenience being at my local gas station.

                I have heard most of the solutions you all provided. I thought the problem would be solved by now by a homebuilder's design beyond separate drop boxes.

                The phrase what goes around comes around is fitting to this. Delivery to home was easy and quick. Then porch pirates happen. So now we go back to the local store and the package locker system acts like the 2020's Sam Drucker at the Hooterville General Store.


                  I have heard (tho I don't know where) of folks installing locking pass through type doors for grocery deliveries, including refrigerated sections.

                  I doubt home builders will incorporate this type of feature unless it's for expensive custom homes, unless it gets to be as ubiquitous as the old milk delivery...but things change so fast, I doubt building in will be a common default.
                  I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...