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Packable Snack suggestions wanted!

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    The Pop Tote is a great bag for carrying all the odds and ends on a plane. Maybe have some pouches or cubelets to hold small items that might sink to the bottom of the bag.

    As you're travelling to New Zealand, make sure you eat or dispose of the following before you go through biosecurity-

    cheese, veggies, mandarins, edamame, chickpeas, hummus and dips.

    All the other items should be ok, although they might want to look at the roasted seeds, roll-ups, and dried fruit. Also be prepared for the beagles to smell that there has been food in your bag.
    A30 in original halcyon/wasabi. Side Kick in verde/northwest sky and cloud/viridian, Pop Tote in Mars Red and Nebulous Grey, Travel Cubelet in Mars Red, Viridian and Grass, A30 packing cube backpack in northwest sky, large travel tray in sitka, packing cubes, pouches and cubelets


      I would second the suggestion for granola bars, easy to pack and not too messy.

      Puffed rice cakes might work - they are very light (although slightly bulky for the weight) and easy to eat. They are not especially nutritious, however.

      for something sweet I would also look at gummies (bears work but shape is not too relevant) - you can find reasonably healthy options in organic food stores/aisles.

      if you are able to cook before the trip, tamagoyaki is a good option - healthy and nutritious, easy to pack and carry, and works when cold (both for carrying and eating). Just cook it in advance, store in the fridge and take it out on trip day.

      trail mix might also be worth a shot - it’s going to be somewhat equivalent to the granola bars, a small container is needed and it could cause a mess if it tips over but it’s more likely to keep small fingers entertained and is specifically designed for good calorie content for a given weight. Just find some that has no nuts in it.


        We often make a batch of Sunshine Muffins for long flights, and freeze them in advance. My recipe is from a Mennonite cookbook, but this recipe is similar. Ours has bananas, grated apple and carrot, coconut, whole wheat flour, and chocolate chips. No pineapple. I cut the sugar by at least half.

        These muffins are dense and filling—very few crumbs. They lasted well on the long flight to Kauai. Could be baked in mini-muffin tins for smaller kids. The recipe takes some prep, so we double the recipe and make them as a team.
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