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    let's face it - most of us don't eat the best of foods. many of us strive for a consuming a diet made up of foods prepared daily with fresh vegetables, but it is an ideal that is hard to maintain with our busy lives. it is much too easy to reach for frozen vegetables or canned soup or bottled sauces in preparing meals. worse yet, we find ourselves snacking on junk food, which, while yummy, may not be the best for our system.

    few would argue that these processed foods eaten for convenience and taste are less than ideal for our system. while it may be hard to cut them out altogether, there are things we can do to help balance or compensate for their presence in our diet.

    one of the things we can do is to periodically cleanse or detoxify our bodies. i won't go into the details and benefits of each approach, as they are better documented by others. but i would encourage you to look into at least a couple.

    one is triphala - which literally means 3 fruits. according to ayurvedic medicine, triphala helps to balance the digestive tract.

    another is the master cleanse, or lemonade cleanse.

    the latter takes a more drastic approach while the former, at least to me, feels more natural.

    there is a lot of information on the web about each of these, and i can't say that the links that i've provided above are the most informative or accurate. so do your research before you adopt either.

    but i know people who regularly use triphala, and i know people who've done the master cleanse, and both have spoken positively about the respective benefits.