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How to Spend a Weekend in Seattle?

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    How to Spend a Weekend in Seattle?

    This is a shout out to MikeV and anyone else for recommendations for things to do and places to eat during a weekend in Seattle (Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday, - not leaving until Monday morning). My wife and I are doing a Seattle vacation during the first 2 weeks of June, mostly outdoors. 1st weekend will be Mt. Ranier, inside the park (Paradise Inn). The following 5 weekdays will be Olympic Nat'l Park, with an REI group. Final weekend will be at the Mayflower, downtown. I expect to go see Chihuly Garden and Pikes Market. Not sure about Space Needle (is it worth the hassle of a tourist spot?). Anything else is up for grabs. Non-strenuous ocean related activities might be a welcome addition to all the hiking. A trip to the mothership is unlikely, given the timing (and my wife's worries that I've joined a cult!). All suggestions welcome.

    Also, if anyone has deep knowledge of Mt. Ranier in early June, that would also be helpful. I understand only lower trails are likely to be open/passable, but Skyline should probably be fine for at least the up and back portion.

    Thanks in advance....

    I think the things you have planned are all going to be awesome, ayazgood! You probably saw that Chihuly and the Space Needle are both in the same spot- some of the coolest things in the Chihuly exhibit are where you're looking up at the Space Needle, imo. It's cool to go up to the top of the Needle, but definitely a touristy activity.

    A spot I like a lot that isn't very touristy is the Olympic Sculpture Park and Myrtle Edwards beach nearby. It's a fantastic view of Elliott Bay and on a clear day, glimpses of Rainier from the beach. If you've got a way to get around, I think checking out the views in north Seattle of the Sound and the Olympic mountain range is fantastic too (Shilshole Bay Marina, Sunset Hill Park, Golden Gardens beach). Views of the mountains and the sea together is one of my favorite things about our city


      I haven't done as much food exploration via light rail as I should, but Bar del Corso (Beacon Hill), Le Pichet (downtown, walkable from the Mayflower), and Artusi/Spinasse (Capitol Hill) are some of my favorite "nice dinner out" spots and accessible via light rail. +1 to the Chihuly exhibit, Olympic Sculpture Park, and Myrtle Edwards beach. If you have a way to get around, I'd add Seward Park/Lake Washington Blvd/Arboretum as favorites. If it's decent out, there's kayak rentals at Agua Verde or the UW Waterfront Activities Center (they also have canoes) - both easily reachable by light rail.

      Note: my default is to assume travel by light rail/public transit.


        Taking a ferry ride (largest ferry system in the US & one of the biggest in the world) and/or going on one of the boat tours through the locks is fun.
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          I was going to say ferry ride, too…I live across Elliott Bay from downtown, in West Seattle, and if you want a different, and lovely view of the city, catch the Water Taxi (foot ferry) from downtown across to West Seattle (not the one to Bremerton, though that would be fun too) and get a delicious lunch at Marination Ma Kai at the ferry dock on the other side, then go for a great walk north and around the point to Alki Beach. You’ll be looking at Seattle the whole way, you might (if you’re extremely lucky) see Orca whales, and in a couple miles of walking, visit our version of Southern California with sandy beaches complete with volleyball and great views of the islands and Olympic Mountains. You’ll also completely leave the tourists behind. Locals only :-)
          If you’re feeling adventurous, there are kayak and paddle board and bike rentals at the ferry dock in West Seattle as well.
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            Taking the ferry somewhere is a great suggestion- that's one of my favorite things to show off when friends and family visit! Walking onto the Bainbridge Ferry is really easy and then about a mile walk to Winslow (downtown Bainbridge Island) on the other side with shops and restaurants and such. The view from the boat is terrific!


              Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! Definitely adding several of these to my list, including the ferry to West Houston and/or Bainbridge, the sculpture garden, Myrtle Beach, Bar del Corso and the Arboretum. Space Needle and kayaking sound good to me too, but I'll have to see how adventurous my wife is feeling that day!

              I should probably consider renting a car that weekend, just to expand my options a bit. One of of my reasons for this Washington vacation is just to get to know the area better, since I'm seriously considering retiring there. Couldn't hurt to just drive around randomly. Thanks again for your help!