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    Ipod Touch

    My smartphone died last night.

    Now that WebIS Pocket Informant and EWallet are ported to the iPod Touch, I won't be replacing my Omnia 2.
    I'll replace it with a voice phone and iPod Touch 32gig for PDA functions.

    I started with EWallet on a Handspring Visor. Then on to a Dell Axim where I began usage of PI.
    I finally was able to combine phone and PDA with a Samsung unit that didn't require a data plan.

    However, the newer Omnia 2 required a data plan. I wasn't happy about it, but it was useful.

    I find that I really do not use the data plan that much. I don't care about email or constant cloud access.

    Hate to split again into two devices, but I will save $50 a month by dumping the our current Verizon family plan and having my wife on a $1.99 a day plan.

    I'll use her phone since the prepaid requires another phone.

    She doesn't use her phone other than for emergencies or occasional contact. I analyzed her usage over the last year and the highest usage was 10 days when we were on vacation.

    If I go this route, I'll go with Google sync to Outlook, then to the Touch.
    Been there. Done that. Can't remember.

    Omnia comes alive!!!!!!

    I was able to hard reset the Omnia 2. It is a real monkey trick that requires holding down four keys at the same time: volumeup,lock,send and end.

    I didn't restore after backup and reloaded all my apps for a cleaner environment. I just restored the required "options" files.

    As I mentioned previously, I wasn't using the data plan enough to justify the cost.

    The rep at the Verizon store was very helpful and put me into a 200 minute plan and my wife in a "pay as you go" at 25 cents. Based on my wife's usage of a max of ten minutes the month we were on vacation in Seattle, it would only cost $2.50.
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    Been there. Done that. Can't remember.