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Joplin Mo needs your help

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    Joplin Mo needs your help

    I have been down in Joplin last week working for the Salvation Army relief efforts in Joplin.
    I have never seen anything like this anywhere and it has just really begun.
    The Media just can not convey the scope of this disaster though they have tried.

    Joplin needs our help.

    Anything you can contribute will help whether Time or Money this is an epic situation on the ground.

    Thanks for listening.

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    That 3rd pic is a Hospital van I found almost 1 mile away from the hospital.....uphill!

    These were streets full of little houses right next to one another.


      Wow! Those pics are unbelievable!
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        Within a month the Army Corps hope to have the mess wiped clean,nothing there ca be saved pretty much.
        The Hospital is said to have moved 4 inches on its foundation......an 11 story building!


          Is there a specific charity or organization we should support to help Joplin? Thanks for posting this, AVService.
          Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

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            Originally posted by Darcy View Post
            Is there a specific charity or organization we should support to help Joplin? Thanks for posting this, AVService.

            I think whichever one you feel comfortable with.
            The Red Cross and Salvation Army are the first that come to my mind and I think you can specify that the money goes to the specific area with both of those.

            I was there with the Salvation Army and the efforts there from them are inspiring but by no means are they alone in that.

            The Joplin Salvation Army itself went from making a few hundred meals a day before the Tornado to over 5000 a day after and from the same kitchens.
            Most of the raw food is donated and then driven into the disaster area and distributed right in the street from their Canteen trucks.

            I was a Radio Operator on one of those trucks and the need is overwhelming and will be for some time.
            With over 8000 buildings destroyed or damaged the people there have no where to go so they are clinging to the rubble of what they once had. Imagine the near 100 degree,humid Midwest days and nights and everything you have is a flattened heap?
            Just providing ice is a huge problem much less shelter and sanitation.

            Fully 1/3 of the town is just gone!

            Very sad situation.

            There are also countless Church groups down there but I would stick with the big international organizations myself.