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Camera storage

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    Camera storage

    I am updating my home office and the closet was redone with some Elfa shelving. However, until the floor is done the closet isn't fully back into use yet. I am looking at what should go in there and one thing that has me stumped is my camera equipment. I don't have much really (older model Canon Rebel DSLR, 3 or so lenses, P&S rugged camera, cords, chargers, cleaning stuff). Right now it's all in a Red Oxx Gator. This works decently but seems like I should be doing something more organized. I can't just use boxes as that would seem too unprotected. But using a "bag" seems wasteful too.

    How do the other camera bugs out there store their stuff?
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    This is what I do.
    I think the Pelican really speaks for itself?

    Since this is really not too far off the reason for this forum either I will just say that I just realized recently that the ThinkTank bag fits inside the Pelican case if I take the dividers out as though they were designed together. In fact there is enough extra room on the end for another small bag,I stuck a Mountainsmith Butt Pack there.

    Pelican Products 1510 Carry On Case

    This Thinktank case will hold a body & 70-200 lens attached AND a 13" Macbook pro at the same time or just camera gear alone.
    They are very well designed and made bags.

    Urban Disguise 35 V2.0

    I know these are pricey items but the quality is similar to Bihn and the customer service is as well from both companies.
    Just one opinion.....and the chance to get more bags. HaHaHaHaHa!



      Bags like that make sense but something about using a bag to store a camera when not traveling that rubs me the wrong way. Sure it works fine and protects the gear but I can't help but think my camera should be easy to get to when the dogs are doing something funny in the backyard. Having to dig the bag out of a closet then open it up seems like too much work. I keep thinking I should just put it all in a drawer but then that seems harsh on the equipment. I'm a bit weird on this one.
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        I use the Pelican on a Metro Rack in the closet along with a lot of other junk/stuff so it is protected but easy to see and grab.
        I can open it up for display or take it with me or leave it closed to control dust.
        I usually pack the bag only if going out to shoot and the bag inside the Pelican fit somehow behind the seat of my truck making the gear Invincible.
        Just how I do it. And another case place to spend money of course!