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MosiMosi phones!

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    MosiMosi phones!

    Hello all,

    Somewhere in browsing, I came across these phones--to be used with cell phones--as a traditional phone instrument. The cheaper ones are like traditional handsets it seems, and just hooks up to the Mobile phone --for comfort, and to avoid the radiation effect of cell phones.
    The more expensive ones work off of bluetooth technology and also double as speaker systems.
    Very elegant designs. Wondering if anyone has any knowledge of them?

    Native Union Products


    Moshi Moshi Bluetooth handsets

    Hi Shiva,

    I think the spelling is Moshi Moshi. You can check out this iLounge review of the model called "the Curve". There are also reviews of their other model Bluetooth handsets, but they are generally much less favorable. This basically let's you use a normal type of handset phone receiver with a Bluetooth connection for your phone.



      Hi Moriond: thanks..and oops about the spelling.
      Yes: it is arguably expensive; but it is wonderfully done!


        Wow, that Moshi Moshi handset is fancy! When I read the original post, I was thinking something more in line with the ThinkGeek Retro Bluetooth Handset (ThinkGeek :: ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset)

        By the way regarding the phrase: "Moshi moshi" is the traditional greeting you say in Japanese, but only on the phone. I don't quite remember the etymology (I think it had to do with how telephone operators greeted a caller in Japan, as "moshi" is a variant of "I'm going to say to you"), but there really isn't an equivalent in English, other than one would never add a question mark to a greeting when seeing someone in person. So I guess you could say "moshi moshi" is the equivalent to "Hello? Who's there?" If you were to say "moshi moshi" in person, we would laugh... er... put a hand up to our mouth and titter lightly.

        As for the spelling, although the product itself is called "Moshi Moshi," the lack of an H is a perfectly acceptable variant of the way you write romaji in Japan. Since the Japanese language doesn't have a "si," they are all pronounced "shi." Thus to write "mosi mosi" is the same in Japanese as "moshi moshi" (申し申し). The letter "し" is spelled "shi" or "si" if spelled out phonetically in the roman alphabet in Japan.

        Probably more than you ever needed to know!

        PS: OK sorry I have to add a little funny story. So because there is no "si" in Japanese, native speakers who speak English with an accent often have trouble differentiating between "si" and "shi." Back when I was attending the American School in Japan as a grade schooler, my daily commute was on their chartered school bus. As with any school bus filled with kids, periodically we'd get too rambunctious and the bus driver would throw up his hands and complain to his manager/dispatcher. When that happened, the manager would come trampling up the steps on the bus, look at us firmly, and yell, "SH*T DOWN!"

        As you can imagine, this usually resulted in even more uproarious laughter from us kids.
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          Hi Lani,

          this was hilarious....thank you for sharing. As someone from a multi-lingual culture, translations or lack thereof--and puns--are a part of my linguistic landscape. Miss that when one lives in a predominantly mono-lingual world!
          saw that you are the person who does Travelite FAQ--did not know! I have checked that site on and off--so great to see you here.
          And the link to Mouse Planet above does not work!



            Originally posted by Shiva View Post
            saw that you are the person who does Travelite FAQ--did not know! I have checked that site on and off--so great to see you here.
            And the link to Mouse Planet above does not work!
            Thank you for your kind words. My biggest sin right now is that I'm too busy to devote the time to it as I would like. Thanks for the warning about the MousePlanet URL. I've gone and fixed it so it should work now.