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Anyone have Sirius XM satellite radio for their cars/homes?

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    Keep in mind they don't play the whole audiobook at a time. They do a chapter or two a day. There are different shows every hour.

    The old-time radio station is so much fun, though.


      I've had Sirius in my car for a few years. I could also listen on my computer, but they took that feature away, now it costs extra. Since I have been able to hook up my ipod to my car's audio system I wasn't listening to Sirius much anymore, and I just canceled my subscription. Mine was $149 a year. I listen to my ipod all of the time - audiobooks, podcasts, music, etc.


        I found that the NPR channels' programming was one day behind
        and some of my favorite programs were not even available on XM.
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          Our new RAV4 has XM capability. However, it costs $600 at the dealer to hook up. Sort of a rip-off when all it is a module installation. Especially when parts online are about $200 or less. Installation can't be that hard.
          Sat radio was a nice feature on our trip last year to Seattle area. Only thing that prevents me from getting Sat radio for the car is that you need a subscription for the car and then one for your home or portable device.
          So if I want Sat radio, I'll get a portable device to use anywhere. I'll have to investigate models. For use of a portable device in our RAV 4 all I have to do it find out how to hack into the antenna lead. Then I'm golden.

          I think Santa will bring a portable Sat radio to me. I want to listen anywhere I am.
          Been there. Done that. Can't remember.


            Ok, so I'm a bit late to this thread..... My 70-mile round trip commute each day can be upwards of 4 hours (2 hours to go 35 miles is insane, I know...). Even though my drive goes from the NY radio market to the Philly radio market, and back, I get so tired of commercial radio, and even though I'm a diehard NPR-er, sometimes I just want music. Since I love the Grateful Dead, keeping XM was a no-brainer. I'm also a heavy listener of Radio Margaritaville, and the MLB station during baseball season. It's so nice to listen to uninterrupted music, so it's worth every penny (<$20/month) to me.
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