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Minimalist travel and devices

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  • Frank II
    Lani, the Kindle Fire doesn't have bluetooth for my keyboard.

    BTW, my keyboard replaced the "Outside."
    Amazon.com: Verbatim 97537 Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad2 and Other Tablets (Piano Black): Electronics

    I'm hoping the new Samsung 7.7 gets released. If not, hoping Apple comes up with a 7" ipad.

    Where did you get your retractable USB cords?

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  • Lani
    Ahh yes... we traveled through Vermont and was disappointed at our cell coverage (iPhones on Verizon). To be honest, we just made sure we had paper road maps for some of the most rural areas, and that worked out just fine.

    That said, this is what we took, between me and my husband:
    • 2 Verizon iPhones
    • 1 AT&T 3G iPad (1st generation)
    • 1 Think Outside Folding Bluetooth Keyboard (no longer made but usually available on eBay for less than $100 and OMG it is THE.BEST! The only way I'd replace this is with a Jorno, if they ever actually release their vaporware)
    • 1 Kindle
    • Kindle charger
    • Dual-USB charger (charge 2 iDevices at once)
    • FlipIt USB Stealth Charger (piggy-back on an extra iDevice on the charger)
    • Retractable USB cords for charging


    Frank -- are you considering the Kindle Fire? My husband has it on pre-order... initially I thought I wanted one myself, but I'm too vested in iDevices to pick up an Android device now, and I'm not married to the Kindle like he is (I just use the Kindle reading app on my iPad). Now, if Apple came out with a Kindle-sized iPad, I would be waiting in line! Not yet, though.

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  • Illinifan
    I travel weekly for work but have the luxury of having 95% done by vehicle. Nevertheless less I still don't want to lug around a bunch of stuff. I carry a Garmin GPS, iPhone, iPad, and Kindle. It all fits nicely in an empire builder along with my work laptop and various work-related items. I feel like I need the Garmin to get me where I'm going and the small screen on the iPhone is a negative for my navigation needs. If you're in the market for a GPS, the nice thing is they've never been cheaper.

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  • Frank II
    I take:
    Blackberry (soon to be replaced)
    Ipod Touch
    Verbatim Folding Bluetooth Keyboard
    Universal Charger for all of the above (except keyboard which runs on batteries).

    The Blackberry has a choice of real GPS or cell GPS. I'm looking into getting a tablet to replace the Kindle and possibly the Touch.

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  • xtal
    I usually take a Kindle as well, for a few reasons. First, the battery life is excellent which means the charger and cable can be left at home. Second, the E-Ink screen is preferable (to me) for reading for long periods of time. Third, I can leave all other reading material at home. Fourth, the experimental browser is a good backup in case my smartphone is otherwise indisposed.

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  • pretzelb
    started a topic Minimalist travel and devices

    Minimalist travel and devices

    Normally I try to keep my gear to the minimum when I travel. This leads to my smartphone being a great tool that can do tons of things. But after a recent trip to Vermont I found my cell coverage was horrible and ended up using a very old dedicated GPS device for directions. Surprisingly it worked well (though I bet roads in rural VT haven't changed in years). So while I hate taking extra things when I travel, I almost wonder if getting a new GPS might not be a bad idea.

    Anyone have thoughts on what devices should be included in a packing list even if you have a smartphone or other device that can perform that same function?