For those who like to substitute individually wrapped wipes for liquids while traveling, LA Fresh is having a 20%off everything sale. They have things like makeup wipes, natural non-Deet insect repellant, sunscreen, deoderant, non-acetone nail polish remover, and lots more. Their wipes are biodegradable. Oh, and they have pet wipes too! None need to do into the 3-1-1 baggie, which leaves more room for the things that have to be there.

I can vouch for their makeup wipes, which are both effective and non-drying. The sunscreen is OK for arms and legs, but I wouldn't use it on my face. As for the insect repellant, I think it probably works, but when I really, really need insect repellant (in an area where dengue or malaria is around) I admit I go with Deet type repellants.