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Ipod Nano Recall Sweeeeet!

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    Ipod Nano Recall Sweeeeet!

    This is only for the Nano 1st Generation-The Plastic One.

    Apple has decided that this model may catch on Fire Somehow and is offering a replacement program though they are more than 6 Years old.

    If you have one of these just Google the subject and you will be able to enter your serial number to see if it is one that is covered.
    They will send you a box to ship it back in.
    In a few weeks you will receive another one .

    The sweetness is that they evidently do not have enough of the old ones to replace it with so Yesterday I received a current 6th Generation Nano instead!

    This seems like another Genius idea from Apple to me as I will certainly tell all about the great service and Perks and clearly am even more endeared to Apple than before,if you can imagine it.

    So dig those old iPods out and have fun!


    I sent mine in for repair, and was actually disappointed with the 6th gen model I received in return. I think the form factor of the original nano was the better design. Now I'm headed to eBay to try and find an original replacement... and my son gets the new one!


      Mine came yesterday and it's awfully tiny. I suspect the Mrs will be stealing it, though - the integrated Nike Fit stuff is pretty neat.


        I agree and just posted to that point on the site where I learned of the deal.

        It is so small it is tough for me to use,but it will be in my glove box feeding Audio Books thru the stereo anyway and I will only have to touch it to load and update its content.

        Still a good deal really no matter how you look at it.

        I have thought about replacing the original or just finding others and cashing them in too.


          Be careful before you just go buying any first-gens you can get your hands on. My understanding is that it's only a certain lot of batteries that have the problem, and therefore only certain serial numbers are eligible.


            I know and can check them first from my phone.


              My sister just got her replacement and it was the newer 6th Gen nano too. My replacement hasn't arrived yet. I'm a bit conflicted too; the original nano was probably the iPod/iPhone that amazed me the most and somehow felt more "dear" to me. It was also dockable/chargeable in the old Altec Lansing dock/speaker in my bedroom, which the 6th generation won't be. However, getting a replacement unit so many years latter, when a lot of people have already replaced their original nano with a newer model, is pretty incredible. Not something a lot of companies would do.
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