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Ultralight and convenient light for Kindle 3 (aka Kindle Keyboard)

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    Ultralight and convenient light for Kindle 3 (aka Kindle Keyboard)

    I really, really love my Kindle for reading on long plane flights. It's loaded with pleasure reading, travel info, work related reading, foreign language phrasebooks, and yes, a set of Kindle games. Perfect for somebody like me who almost never sleeps, even on transpacific flights.

    Being the obsessive light packer I am, I didn't want to compromise its lightness and compactness by adding a heavy case, so using the Tom Bihn medium padded pouch as its case suits me down to the ground.

    But here's the problem: On flights where my seatmates want to sleep, it seems selfish and rude to turn on my seat light. But, since the Kindle isn't backlit, it is useless unless it is lit in some way. I had been using the Mighty Bright travel-flex clip on light, but it's a bit fiddly and it's one more thing to store accessibly in my carry-on bag.

    Then I discovered the Simple Light--an incredibly tiny light that attaches through the left side slots into the Kindle, uses the Kindle's own battery for its energy, and lights the Kindle perfectly. Because it becomes integrated with the Kindle, it isn't in the way, it automatically turns off whenever the Kindle is in sleep mode, and it weighs practically nothing. (I haven't weighed it, but it's clearly well under an ounce!) The little light on a gooseneck tucks into a slot alongside the Kindle when it isn't being used. With the light attached, Kindle and light still fit comfortably into my TB padded organized pouch.

    The LED light is less bright than the Mighty Bright, but in a way, that's no bad thing, since it reduces the possibility of glare on the screen. It's plenty of light for reading, and wouldn't bother even the lightest sleeping seatmate. No batteries ever to worry about (or to add weight). The claim is that it doesn't degrade Kindle battery life. I can't verify that, but I can say that I used it on two transpacific flights (and a bit in my hotel room, too) and didn't run down the Kindle battery noticeably more than just using it for the hours I was using it. The only downside is that it does make using the left hand page turn buttons a bit awkward. But that's literally the only disadvantage I have discovered.

    If you have a Kindle 3 or Kindle Keyboard, check it out. SimpleLight for Kindle, Attaches to Kindle Keyboard (6" Screen), NO Batteries Needed | Grantwood Technology
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    Mrs loves her kindle touch, but how the heck do you light the thing? I always thought the contact points on the side of the original kindle were a brilliant solution. Shame they got rid of it.


      Thanks for posting this! I still have the Kindle Keyboard (in fact I deliberately bought a spare one, since I like it better than any of the new models), so this is perfect for me.
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        Amazon sells a leather case with a light built in that slides in/out of the case. It also uses the kindles battery. It turns on when you slide it out and turns off when you slide it back or when the kindle goes to sleep. I use it with my kindle keyboard and I think they now have one for the touch models.