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Need some measurements from the U.S. guys!

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    Need some measurements from the U.S. guys!

    Can somebody measure a NEW, full loaf of bread and GALLON milk jug (or water, oj, whatever) laid out in a line for me please?

    So, if you put a loaf of store bought bread in a bag lengthwise, and a 1 gallon jug beside it at the end, how long is the total?

    OR, barring that...just the width of a 1 gallon jug will do!

    Thanks all!

    Dave in the Philippines

    Hi dbradford,
    A new loaf (frozen) of oat nut bread laid out next to a gallon of milk is 14 inches. A gallon of milk top to bottom is 10.25 inches and the gallon jug is about 5.5 front to back.
    If you need more information let me know.
    Take care,
    List exceeds allowed characters. So I'll just say I'm plum and kiwi loving FOT!


      interesting question?? What is that about? perhaps a new unit of nonstandard measurement? I could suggest others....


        Isn't it though jannilee I live here in Asia now (the Philippines), and can't find a 1 gallon milk jug here. I was curious at how many inches a store brought loaf of bread and a 1 gallon jug placed in a line would be...16", 17"???

        I've having a bag made for me, if the truth be known. I'm a long time user if an ID (stolen), and a Large Cafe Bag now. I've lived here in the provincial Philippines since 2008, and I've been using the LCB since 2009, I think. It's faded badly, stained, and too small to carry extra in, like groceries, packing for a 2-3 day trip. I've put it through everything you can imagine here..Don't be mistaken looking at bags being used at a resort in the Philippines, or used in a light rain while chocolate tasting for a couple of hours in Switzerland during a light rain.. I use mine, day in, day out.

        I live in a 3rd world country, it's about like living in Mexico here, same attitude, same corruption, same filth, pollution, same superstition and idiocy. So, my bag has pretty well gone through it. I've suggested a larger, more versatile bag, but, so far, nothing. So, I'm having one made, savvy? I'm using 16"-17" inches as as a base for length.

        Dave in the Philippines