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    ADD to Pinterest board: colonel littleton products. I don't own them but they are made in the US and seem to be great quality. Pricey yes. Anyone know anything?

    And the new J W Hulme bags...


      Originally posted by Shiva View Post
      I would rather have one or two sets of this, than have several that are so-so--
      Exactly my sentiments. I used to try to find cotton sheets that had nice colors and patterns...only to have the fitted sheet wear out or shrink and end up with all sorts of unmatched odds and ends. So now I have two sets of white Linoto sheets for my bed.

      I also did splurge on the quilted coverlet. Jason special made this for me in the indigo color (at the regular price... all I had to do was ask!) and I feel it is worth every penny. I machine wash and dry the coverlet. I also have on the bed a 100% linen duvet cover in natural color from Rest...... Hard...... and it was so poorly sewn I ended up taking the entire thing apart and re-sewing it myself. That's when I gave Linoto a try and couldn't be happier. In the winter I just tuck a down comforter into the duvet cover and we are good to go. No more piles of mismatched sheets for me!

      I think it really makes a difference to buy from companies that are passionate about the product they are making. Jason at Linoto and Tom Bihn take pride what they offer for sale and it shows in the quality and workmanship. I agree with you, Shiva, that I would much rather have fewer things of better quality than many things that need to be replaced all the time. I hope the linen works out for you!
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        Artisan Leather iPad Kindle, Nook & Journal Cases & Covers

        I've got a Kindle cover from these guys and the quality is excellent. I see they've also gotten into bags.

        SuperEgo in black/steel/wasabi; Aeronaut 45 in cardinal/steel; Horizontal Cache (2M) in charcoal; Travel Tray in Ultraviolet


          Flinx: do you have a cover for any IPad? I watched the video but not sure how the cover works for horizontal viewing etc.


            I don't have an iPad, sorry!

            SuperEgo in black/steel/wasabi; Aeronaut 45 in cardinal/steel; Horizontal Cache (2M) in charcoal; Travel Tray in Ultraviolet


              Originally posted by Shiva View Post
              Flinx: do you have a cover for any IPad? I watched the video but not sure how the cover works for horizontal viewing etc.
              I absolutely love the Portenzo iPad case with "Intellistand" for horizontal viewing. It's beautiful and well made. Totally worth the price! iPads - iPad - Portenzo

              Packing and gadget geek, collecting bags to disperse to my family.


                Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I have noticed that this Pinterest board has had a resurgence of activity as of late. So I present some Made in the USA things I use and enjoy on a regular basis.

                Concept2: Indoor rowers and Oars made in Morrisville, Vermont. If I could have only one piece of fitness equipment it would be a Concept2 rower. No other machine is as effective at working every single muscle group while giving you a cardiovascular system workout at the same time.
                Home | Concept2

                Western mountaineering: Sleeping bags and down filled clothing manufacturers from San Jose, California. Much like Feathered Friends a Seattle based company pinned earlier WM makes top quality, expedition grade sleeping bags using the finest down and best fabrics. I have their Bison GWS -40 bag and even at -40 it is like crawling into a blast furnace!
                Western Mountaineering

                Danner boots: Hiking and casual boots made the old fashioned way in Portland, Oregon. I have beat on their Explorer boots for the last 15 or so years, second pair on its second sole and still going strong! Tough enough and waterproof enough for logging in the Pacific Northwest yet stylish enough for fancy dinner while traveling. Danner - Boots

                Filson. Another Seattle, Washington company. The Macinaw Cruiser, Timeless, introduced in 1914, still looks cool after 100 years. Enough said.
                American Brand: Quality Outerwear, Outdoor Clothing, and Bags | Filson

                Plano Moulding: The guys who made your first fishing tackle box! Here is an odd one. I use the Plano sportsman trunks to FedEx gear to jobs before I arrive. It saves me a bunch of stress trying to fly out with the gear (especially internationally) and it is usually cheaper than paying to check it on a plane. The cases are surprisingly made in the USA, come in multiple sizes, lockable with wire ties, weigh way less than a pelican case, are pretty strong and seeing as they only cost $12-25 and are available in most hardware and department stores I won't cry myself to sleep over breaking one or leaving it at the destination if it is for an install and I want to travel light on my return.
                Plano Molding | Storage and Protective Cases | Home

                Guitar stuff:

                Mesa Boogie: Handmade vacuum tube guitar and bass amplifiers being built in Petaluma, California. The original boutique guitar amplifier played by everybody from Carlos Santana to Metallica. Bullet proof, tone for miles and F#*%ing LOUD! Mesa Boogie Vacuum Tube Guitar and Bass Amplifier

                Fender: Out of Fullerton and now Corona, California Fender has been making fine electric guitars and basses since 1947 and ok ones from 1965-1995
                FenderĀ® Guitar: Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitars, Amplifiers, and Pro Audio

                Gibson: Fender's #1 competition and maker of lovely musical instruments with factories in Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee and Bozeman, Montana Gibson Guitar: Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitars, Baldwin Pianos