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Document "bags" or containers

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    Document "bags" or containers

    I am trying to scan all my documents and only reference them electronically but every so often (especially on the road) I find that I have a few documents I need to keep in paper format. During these times I am very flustered as I don't have a really good system or container for documents since I'm not used to carrying them. I do have a freudian slip but it is pretty large and bulky and has more of a use at my desk. Large envelopes are nice and secure but don't allow easy access and have more length than they need from the sealed flap. Folders are OK but they get beat up quickly and remind me too much of school work. Any ideas or suggestions?
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    Office supply stores sell these clear plastic sleeves that work well for travel. They are clear plastic in the shape of a file folder, but with a one short edge sealed so that you have access from the top and the other end. If you can't find those, page protectors meant for binders can work, but you might want to cut off the 3-hole-punched side. Or if you buy linens, they often come in plastic envelope type packaging that works really well for document storage.

    I'm impressed that you're going mostly electronic!


      I used to have the same problem until... Tom redesigned the Large Pouch , which now, looks like a minimalist briefcase.

      I have many Clear Large Pouches in different colors and I pair them with Poly 2-Pocket Portfolio With Fasteners which hold around 100 sheet of 3 holes punched paper or page protectors where all kind of document can be slipped in.

      I use page protectors and I color code the Poly 2-Pocket Portfolio with the color of my Clear Large Pouch.

      My oldest Poly 2-Pocket Portfolio, bought a long time ago, are 3 holes punched and I use my own fastener system (round fasteners and washers) with them. They still look like new.

      In addition to the Poly 2-Pocket Portfolio which provides a hard writing surface as well as storage, a Letter or A4 size notepad fits comfortably in the Clear Large Pouch.

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      I wanted to share in as much detail as possible because this setup has been great for travel, doc appointments, interviews and many other instances where stylish and lighter paper organization is called for.
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        Backpack, would you be able to post a few pictures? I'm intrigued by your system!


          I'm not sure if this is any help, but many of the knitters use the large, clear OPs to hold knitting patterns because the patterns remain flat and visible. I'm sure the large OPs would work well for documents - and look professional as well.


            Hi backpack: yes please. pictures would help. and what are the poly 2pocket portfolios? Staples variety? I find this to be the hardest part --to carry stuff easily and quickly. I have some old Levenger clear plastic portfolios that you can put paper in --both sides. But they are shabby now. Have had them for more than a decade! So any more info on this would be great.


              Staples has all sorts of good ones - just search for "poly file folder" or "poly portfolio". Here's an example of what might work if your space isn't large enough for the TB large pouch (as in my Co-Pilot). Staples® Translucent Poly File Folders, Assorted, 6/Pack | Staples® While on the Staples site, I stumbled on the new Martha Stewart line of office supplies, and there are some file folder options that look good (along with other tempting things like cool notebooks, journals and labels.


                So sorry I missed the interest in the post. I was waiting for Issac wrath and did not use the computer until it passed.

                It is late but I will definitely try to post the system.

                The particular Staples poly folio I am using have been discontinued but their regular ones work just the same way.

                Note that I cannot use the Co-Pilot to test the system as I don't have one.

                Maverick has a great video describing which file folders fit in the Co-Pilot.
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                  @Backpack: +1 for photos. Glad to see you're safe after Isaac (stalled hurricanes are the only part of the Gulf I don't miss). Hopefully you didn't have too much damage!


                    BTW... I don't know how well these would work (only seen them online), but if you switch files between horizontal/vertical carry, or want vertical carry, these look like they could be an option too. Staples® Better™ Poly File Folders, Letter, Assorted, 6/Pack | Staples®