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What is the *ONE* "unusual" item you always travel with?

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    Lani and this thread made me a Salux wash cloth convert. I plan on taking mine with me on my next long trip.


      Originally posted by snowbot View Post
      Lani and this thread made me a Salux wash cloth convert. I plan on taking mine with me on my next long trip.
      Salux is THE BEST, I tell you. I particularly like that I can hold both ends and scrub my back back and forth and get rid of all the itchiness. It's awesome!!!


        Maybe it's not an "unusual" item but I always travel with a small shortwave radio. Not many travel with a radio anymore in the internet age but I find it invaluable. Take for example, the recent uprisings in Egypt. Imagine if you were there. The government shut down the internet and cell service with the flick of a switch. How would one know what was happening? Inspired by the writings of Paul Theroux, I never travel without my trusty radio. I can always be connected to local events and even events in surrounding countries or from home.


        "It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door," he used to say. "You step into the Road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to."

        J.R.R. Tolkien


          I always travel with a headlamp and earplugs (actually, I always carry earplugs). Can't beat the headlamp for looking at those tiny sock stitches when you're flying at night.


            I have not been around in awhile, the tristar and I have been off adventuring, but I just had to respond to this post. I carry two spare AA batteries in case the remote at the hotel needs fresh batteries (some day I will wish they were AAA but so far I have been lucky. I like to attach a carabineer or two to the outside of my bag to clip things on when not in use (recent examples: Hat, hairband, LED light). I also travel with either generic scotch and or JD in the flight/minibar size in my 3-1-1 for medicinal purposes. Makes for a nice night-cap after a long day followed by a long flight.


              In a small pouch with electronics (chargers, etc) I carry a couple items that have really come in handy:

              1. A small 1 to 3 outlet multiplier (those things you plug into an outlet and gives you 3 outlets). This comes in handy often as in hotels the outlet near a nightstand is often full from the hotel's lamp, clock etc. Also great at airports where outlets are hard to come by. When an outlet is taken by someone just be nice and ask if they don't mind you plugging in the multiplier and sharing the outlet.

              2. A small 6 foot extension cord (sometimes outlets are not close enough to where you are).


                A Harbor Seal vertebrae, found on Nootka Sound, Vancouver Island. Sort of a good luck charm I guess.