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Cutting Cable TV costs

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    Cutting Cable TV costs

    I have Brighthouse's whole house DVR. One unit in the bedroom to watch recorded shows.
    With the streaming capabiilities now available, I am researching other solutions such as the Slingbox, build my own DVR, etc.
    I definitely dumping the whole house units since I'm having to re-boot the boxes quite often.

    Interested in other's opinions. Thanks
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    I don't have cable. It eliminates the cost completely. There's enough on over-the-air waves and on the net to keep me busy when I should be doing other things anyhow.


      I went through the whole "dump cable and go with..." exercise about two years ago. If you're bored you can read about my adventure here. Everyone's situation is different. Which programming is important and which isn't? How many TVs are there? How technology savvy are you? How much nuisance will the non-techy members of the household endure? And so on, and so forth. It can get really complicated, especially if you're used to having a DVR. Once you're used to DVR'd TV, there's no going back. Let me know if you have any questions about my setup.



        I'm along the no cable lines as well. I do have Netflix, and am considering dumping the. We have a $15 indoor antenna, 12mbps internet for $30 a month. Just got Amazon for the videos and free shipping. We'll see if I pony it up next year. Everytime I think of DVR, or HGTV, I think of all the unread books on my self, and a the good meals I've eaten instead of wasting away in front of the TV.


          I have no cable and it's great. A digital antena (12-50 bucks depending on the model) will get you the broadcast channels for free. I've got a roku (65 bucks for my model) which I have hooked up to Netflix and Hulu streaming (15 bucks total a month for the two). More content than you could ever want, all on demand.


            We haven't had cable for years, we have Netflix streaming, Amazon Prime, and our Blue Ray player has apps so im assuming it does what a Roku would. I can't even begin to add up the money we have saved. I wish I could say it has resulted in substantially more books read, but it really has equated to more interwebs surfed.
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              OK this no Cable TV nonsense has to stop!

              How exactly can I bill every day if people stop using Cable?

              Everyone has different needs and some are fine streaming all of their content but most that I work for could no more do this reliably than they could perform surgery with no training.

              There is plenty of content out there ripe for the picking,right now but I would also be prepared for some of it to start drying up as soon as the content providers start getting their way about this.

              If you can though and understand the limitations have fun.



                Sorry Ed, but count me in the no cable court as well. I. will. not. pay. for. TV. Ever. In fact I wish I could wean myself off it completely. The Hell's Kitchen and Master Chef premieres last night are making that hard.
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                  I really would like to cut the cord but there are a few programs I enjoy that are not readily available via other options - at least in a fairly timely manner, if at all. I love my Roku box, netflix, hulu plus, itunes, and amazon instant video but they often do not have what I would like to see or have it soon after original airing. I prefer not to wait for a year or even a few months.

                  I wish that the cable companies (especially the one I have access to) would offer true a la carte options. I honestly do not need 14 sports channels, DIY channels, shopping channels and so on. Let me pay for what I want to see without 500 other channels - I would be willing to pay for this - even if the cost exceeds my current cable cost.


                    I'd love to cut the cable too, but what would I do without Project Runway and Top Chef?? I have a TIVO, which is great because I never have to watch commercials. I could probably adjust to using an antenna, now that I live in an area that probably gets some over-the-air reception. Assume I do that. What I'd like to know is whether Roku adds anything that TIVO doesn't do... any experts? Cnet told me today that Roku's HD box plus six months of hulu+ is on sale for $79, so I'm wondering if this is something I should jump on.


                      Roku is basically a Web streaming device whereas the Tivo is a PVR with limited Web streaming access.
                      Some people have both.

                      For me, all the Discovery and History channel programs are available via the Web. I can hook up my tablet to the TV to watch.

                      I'm in the process of doing a cost analysis and ROI of investing in a Tivo to replace the cable DVR.

                      They also provide the ability to connect two Tivo's and copy a recorded program from one to the other. A whole house DVR scenario.
                      In addition, they have a unit with four tuners which cuts down on recording conflicts.

                      One advantage to Tivo is the ability to hack the device and add additional features such as a larger storage drive. Being a C and former mainframe assembler programmer and hardware jockey, this appeals to me.
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                        My TIVO needs are simple, but I do like the ability to record 2 shows and watch an archived show at the same time. And commercial skip is something I can't do without. Although TIVO removed that function eons ago, there's a trick for programming the 30-second skip that you can find by googling "tivo easter egg".


                          Originally posted by kmcg View Post
                          My TIVO needs are simple, but I do like the ability to record 2 shows and watch an archived show at the same time. And commercial skip is something I can't do without. Although TIVO removed that function eons ago, there's a trick for programming the 30-second skip that you can find by googling "tivo easter egg".
                          I'm sure there were a slew of "backdoors" inserted in the Tivo code. I have used "backdoors" in my code from time to time.
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