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EDC Whistles

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    EDC Whistles

    Here's the whistle we've been testing on every hike/trip for a few months now:

    Click image for larger version

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    We're also testing other whistles that can be used with any bag.

    Do you carry a whistle? What kind?
    Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

    Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.

    I got these before our last hike, and have another standard whistle.


      I carry this one - small and loud: 4Sevens Titanium Whistle, 100+ dB 4Sevens.Com


        In my bag I carry a REI Tri-power whistle, it's USA made, inexpensive and crazy loud. I clip it on my child's life jacket when we kayak on the lake, a must!! I also have a couple Fastex Cord Locks that have a whistle insert that I can use as a zipper pull or on the end of a lanyard. Handy and small but surprisingly loud.


          A Fox 40 micro whistle in BRIGHT! ORANGE! that I found for a good price on eBay ($6 for a new whistle including shipping). It's attached to a lanyard clasp that weighs more than the whistle. Once I have my new bag, it's going in there.


            I carry this whistle b/c it is the loudest I've tested
            Tom Welch > Mesa, Arizona, USA

            Travel Lite & Smart


              I have a cheap one with inadequate attachment.

              I love the minimalist design of the Whistle in the Sternum Strap, I also love the choice of colors.

              A stand alone whistle would need to be professional grade with a very secure attachment, the Guardian Dual Function Light: TOM BIHN uses is terrific, heavy duty, yet lightweight should be used with all bags EDC which do not have a Sternum Strap.

              A portable compass, magnifier and thermometer are a must while hiking for making sure one stays on the trail, checking for ticks and other nasties and making sure one doesn't walk into sure to give heat related or windchill induced ailments areas.

              They are also great, in the EDC bag, on dark evenings/morning or bad weather days, in new surroundings.

              They are also very useful in case of severe weather or geological events when an electronic connection and the familiar city reference points might no longer be there.

              A kit containing these items, which could be safely tucked in one's EDC and worn when they are needed would be a terrific addition to TB lineup.
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                Since my reply seems to have disappeared...

                A Fox 40 Micro in BRIGHT! NEON! ORANGE! that I found for a good price on ebay (would have preferred a less loud color but this one was $6 including s&h rather than $6.50 plus s&h). Attached it to a lanyard clip used for jewelry making and presto, can simply unclip the whistle and bring it with me if I change bags or don't bring a shoulder bag (ie, walking the dogs, I can clip the whistle to one's leash or put it in my pocket).
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                  + 1 Fox 40 Sharx Whistle
                  Tom Welch > Mesa, Arizona, USA

                  Travel Lite & Smart


                    Hello I have used many whistles. Jetscream, Fox 40 shark and mini shark, Atwood Tactical, Dave Sawyer and an Acme Tornado 2000. I just want you to know the Acme Tornado 2000 is the loudest. Has multiple frequencies. And it fits perfectly in the Co Pilot pockets for an emergency.