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    Originally posted by pretzelb View Post
    Privacy in the Operating System? Actually the one only OS in the past that has forced me to identify myself has always been Apple. All the others have gladly let me install without providing any kind of identification. Windows does require me to register but that just involves the key from the package and is no way related to my identity.

    Privacy usually comes into play with applications like Facebook. These days the applications are made for all the Operating Systems and the level of privacy isn't altered from one OS to the other (unless they fall behind on features for a certain OS).

    Every OS ask for identifiable information during registration. In addition, the ones I listed can access data remotely, without my consent.

    Microsoft daily "security updates" to patch their swiss cheese OS, Android data mining and Kindle remote access of one's data.

    I don't like it.

    I also didn't, don't and will never accept the need of those 3 to astrosurf Apple ad infinitum instead of making better products or provide better customer service.

    I am a smart enough shopper to understand when cyber entities are making up stuff about a brand, either the ones they promote or the one they vilify.

    Apple, especially Voz, rocks!

    I will get an iPad when Tom debut the new case.

    On 05-23-2012, 02:59 PM Darcy said "The Breve has stepped aside (forever) to make room for new designs for the iPad that Tom is working on."

    Voz programming genius, Tom design genius = Great experience with their products, it is as simple as that.
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      Originally posted by backpack View Post
      Every OS ask for identifiable information during registration. In addition, the ones I listed can access data remotely, without my consent.

      Microsoft daily "security updates" to patch their swiss cheese OS, Android data mining and Kindle remote access of one's data.

      I don't like it.
      Actually that is not accurate. I have installed win7 on 3 machines in my house and I can easily do so without ever telling anyone who I am. I do have to provide a valid key to identify the OS was really purchased but never an email address or even a name. However when I was recently cleaning my mother's old Apple computers after she passed I was stopped at the re-install of the OS when it asked for a name and address. The same thing happened with my brother's old Macs. I had wanted to get them up and running so I could sell them at an estate sale but sadly all I could do was show the registration screen.

      I tested an Android tablet about a year ago and it never asked me for any identification either. The iPad did however require iTunes which of course requires an account to register (this was fixed with the last OS). The Android tablet also allowed me to start working without a computer.

      The Kindle Fire is based on Android but it is seriously customized for Amazon. It's not Android that is trying to track you but Amazon, and they are doing it much like Apple, to sell you books, music, and such. With regular Android you can get music and pictures on the tablet without using a store that requires an ID.

      Apple does one thing really well and that is marketing. If Microsoft patches their software it's because it's Swiss cheese and not because they are serving the customer or that it serves so many different user types that it requires more work to patch. Microsoft is trying to stop support for Win XP and people scream at their terrible service. Yet Apple can cut support to older Macs with barely a protest. A Win7 based PC crashes and it's trash. Yet I always see a crowd at the genius bar and phones and laptops are being fixed or replaced. People praise Apple for providing them with replacement phones and computers when they crash (without asking why the perfectly engineered product crashed in the first place). Something non-Microsoft doesn't run easily on Win7 and it's poor quality on the OS. Same thing happens with Apple and the answer is to buy the Apple product that is specifically designed by Apple and not bother with non-Apple products. I have to admit, it is genius how they make people accept that.

      Way back when not only were the OS's different but so were the chips. Then you could rightly compare Apple to Windows and have legit debates. Now you get Apple suing Samsung all the while they buy products from them. Everyone uses similar or the same chips and the OS's are running flavors of Unix and Linux to some degree (except Microsoft). Even manufacturing is mostly all done overseas. Google decided to make their new Nexus Q in the US but they were then bashed for using parts made overseas (while Apple does all manufacturing overseas and no one really minds).

      My iPad is good, and it is really good when I don't try to stray from the Apple guidelines. I have debated buying a MBP but it would have to dual boot to Win7 so I could use it for work and play all the games I enjoy. But if Apple keeps making it hard to upgrade memory (like soldering the chips) then I might save money and get a Win7 based laptop and dual boot to Linux for fun. My resale wouldn't be as good but I could probably upgrade it easier, get more life out it, and in most cases have all the same chips inside.
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        N to keep beating this horse as I am an Apple person, but wanted to add my opinion in. (Opinions at nearly midnight after being awake nearly 20 hours may not be as coherent as it sounds in my head).

        I've used enough of Win7 to know that I prefer Apple's OS. I've gotten tired of the constant crashing, the general slowness, the annoyance that is trying to use IE on it and IE steals over 3/4 of the memory. Safari doesn't work well on it, iTunes doesn't work well on it, not sure about Chrome, Opera or Firefox but they most likely won't work for me. With Apple's OS, I can get stuff done.

        Most of the screaming about XP is because it was the best OS they had. With Apple, they tend to improve things as they go along, not slap paint on a somewhat new and improved version of XP with updated graphics and widgets while decreasing the amount of things you can do on them (anybody remember the Vista admin control fiasco with it constantly asking you permission to do the simplest things?). Nothing is perfectly engineered, both Apple and Microsoft have planned obsolesence built in. This original ipad is going to be obsolete once iOS6 hits in the fall, you will not be able to update it. Besides, most of the crashing at Genius Bars that I've seen is because the person is trying to either use it on a Windows machine or trying to get it to do something that it can't do or using shoddy apps available in the app store. Yes, ok, using an Apple product on a Windows machine is a marketing thing, but trying to make it do stuff it can't do or using shoddy apps, how is that Apple's fault?

        Android users, can you transfer apps from device to device? I can, in theory, take my ipad and (imaginary) iphone and plug them both into itunes and Have the same apps on each device without having to pay another $10 for one game. That's what makes me wonder about Android based devices.

        Bootcamp on Mac (the dual boot program) works well on Mac, easy to set up and use once you get the hang of it. But Windows on Mac overheats it extremely easily. And the latest versions of Java don't work with Minecraft (last time I tried it on Windows) so I have to use the mac to play one of my favorite games. And going back to the top of my post, once I got used to the smoothness and reliability of Apple devices, I never really wanted to go back.