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Seeking a replacement for MacEnvelope Professional

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    Seeking a replacement for MacEnvelope Professional

    Dating clear back through the 1990s, I have been using MacEnvelope address list and label/envelope printing software from Synex of Brooklyn, NY. I have been using MacEnvelope Professional 1.1.1 since it came out in 1995. The software is invaluable, but it is also dated and will not run on new systems. MacEnvelope Professional was an awesome small office/small organization direct mail tool when it came out. But now Synex is out of business and MacEnvelope Professional will only run on my aging 2003-vintage iMac G4 under MacOS 9.2 "Classic mode" piggybacking on MacOS X. The iMac's replacement is long overdue (the LCD stopped working five years ago; I have it hooked up to an external monitor so it really looks like a Macinstein. (iMacintstein?)

    The iMac has long since faded as my primary computer. Its primary use is now as a file server. That's great, but I don't want to wait for the hard drive to fail or for the machine to otherwise break down. I want to find new software to phase-out the old "classic mode" stuff so I can migrate our family business office to a Mac Mini or new iMac. This will mean finding a replacement for MacEnvelope Professional.

    Primary benefits of MacEnvelope Professional:
    1. Handles user-named databases of contacts, allowing for names, addresses and other non-internet info to be stored and filtered
    2. Prints snail-mail addresses on either envelopes, postcards, or sheets of Avery labels (like their 30-up adhesive sheets), either individually or list or filtered list
    3. When you print out sheets of Avery labels, you can specify which label on the sheet you want to start on, which allows you to print multiple small lists on a sheet; a real time saver

    Things I dislike about MacEnvelope Professional:
    • Synex is out of business
    • MacEnvelope products were never migrated to MacOS X; they are "Classic mode" (OS 9) only
    • Limited compatibility with modern printers
    • No apparent compatibility at all with Dymo label printers (we have two, but their software is quirky and the labels don't print out in sheets)
    • Extremely limited contact database features; obviously not made for the internet age

    I just purchased a copy of Microsoft Office 2011: Mac Home & Business off of eBay, but I have no idea if it would offer any label/envelope printing help.

    Our family business office (which I may soon be leaving, but will still have limited involvement in) is involved in local non-profit volunteer organizations and historic reunions. Many participants are elderly and do not use computers, or have limited access to technology. So mailing out newsletters and postcards via snail mail never went out of style. We need to find a modern MacOS X replacement for MacEnvelope.

    Maybe it would be easiest to try using Dymo label software and just using their roll-fed labels. But Dymo's software seems a bit quirky. Does anyone have experience using a LabelWriter 320 on an Airport network? Currently, we have a 320 hooked to the iMac part-time. Dymo software does try to cross-connect with Apple's Address Book software, but the interface seems really quirky and I don't see how you filter or print large numbers of labels. We currently only use the Dymo to print-out shipping labels for business packages and envelopes. (We load rolls of 2 5/16 x 4-inch labels on both Dymo printers, but we only have one hooked up now. Our office uses two laptops and the iMac. Both laptops are Intel-based and run MacOS 10.6. The iMac is stuck on 10.4.11.

    There is no longer an online Apple Macintosh Products Guide database, so I can't go there to consult Apple's library to figure out what kind of software would be of help. Any suggestions?
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    Avery has software that links in with Microsoft Word for printing labels. I've used it successfully on a limited basis on Windows.
    Not sure about the Mac version. But I can't imagine they wouldn't support Macs.
    Been there. Done that. Can't remember.


      The best option for labels is Open Office. It runs on Windows but I don't know if it can run on a Mac.