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Windows 8-What New Hell have they Wrought This Time!??

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    Windows 8-What New Hell have they Wrought This Time!??

    Just checking to see if and how anyone else has tried the latest from the other guys in Washington?

    There is a "Deal" until Feb. that will get you Win8 Pro for $40.00 and since I will have to support it I figured I would give it a shot and see how it feels.
    So like an innocent child I loaded a Touchscreen Notebook with it and then..........

    If anyone can explain to me just exactly what they were thinking with the new Desktop and have it make sense I will buy the upgrade for you!

    They have truly "Out-Microsofted" themselves with this one,try it and see what I mean.

    This review says it better than I can really.

    Windows, Revamped and Split in 2 - NYTimes.com

    I don't know what else to say,Long Live Apple!


    I have seen a few demos of Windows 8 and I don't think I want to use it -- I'll stay with 7 thank you.....
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      I'm still clinging to Windows XP for my virtual machines, as it's been the most stable (not saying much) for me. Windows 8 demo looks just awful. I love your "Out-Microsofted" comment though =)


        Only if you are adventurous

        I bought an Acer Iconia Tablet last Christmas that ran Windows 7. It has a touchscreen, but Windows 7 did not support the touch feature very well.
        This unit replaced my Netbook that I used for travel. I wanted a tablet and I needed a Windows machine since all my software is Windows based.
        I knew Windows 8 was on the horizon and loaded the developer preview and consumer preview. I then purchased the retail version which is now in use.
        I also installed clean and reloaded my apps.
        I stay with the Classic Desktop most of the time.
        Unit boots up fast. Touch experience is very good.
        Security features are tightened up in that the antimalware/antivirus loads first before other services and startup programs. It is baked into the kernel.
        There also is a feature called Secure Boot that prevents rootkit interference. However, it has to be supported in the firmware.

        Downside is that Acer doesn't support Win 8 on this tablet, so you are on your own to load Win 7 drivers.

        The Surface tablet that Microsoft released is basically DOA. Really? The RT operating system doesn't run current Windows software. People will be returning these units in droves when they realize they can't load their current software on it.

        Bottom line is there is no need to upgrade from Windows 7. AP/Vista users would be better served installing Win 7.

        If you want Win 8, get the Pro version. It is much more secure. There are programs available that restore the missing Start button.
        And probably others that will bypass the Tiles and present the Desktop.
        Been there. Done that. Can't remember.


          After the Vista disaster, it is rather safer to get a Mac and get Windows apps for Mac, they work better in there.

          Unix based OSes, especially the ones supported by Google are getting Microsofted as they are getting bulky, slow and don't work very well.

          On Apple message board, iPad3 owners have been protesting about its planned obsolescence.

          Not to be undone, Google announced the Nexus tablet/phone making my husband Nexus 7 obsolete after a week of ownership.

          "It's beginning to feel a lot like the Holidays, in the electronic world" to the tune of a famous Christmas song by Dean Martin.

          Conclusion: get Tom Bihn goodies for the Holidays, wait until January MacWorld Expo for anything Apple.

          I don't pay to be a tech guinea pig!