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Check it out: corgi calendar!

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    Check it out: corgi calendar!

    So, this is kind of an addendum to my recent thread about traveling to all those conferences. I mentioned that the second conference involved taking five students so they could present a workshop. Last night, three of them ambushed me and (to my deep embarrassment and delight) gave me a present to thank me for helping them, taking them out to dinner, etc.

    You guys, check out this rad corgi calendar!

    (note the friendly word of warning I wrote, as well—haha.)

    Each month is a different colored corgi! One sort of looks Hector-ish, and there are a few pseudo-Tituses represented as well. They also gave me a restaurant gift card so Mrs B. and I can have a night out, and a card I will keep forever. I haven't felt this special since last year's TB Mystery Gift arrived in the post. These guys are the best.

    That's awesome!!


      Very nice! I'd like to get one for my wife. Do you have any information about the manufacturer?


        @RickH, the company is called Greeting Life, Inc. They have calendars with other kinds of dogs, as well, and cats if you're into that sort of thing .